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Vogue features Sara Baldwin

Sara Baldwin, Founder and Creative Director of New Ravenna Mosaics, is featured in the Vogue September 2013 issue, page 750.

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Aurelia glass vogue

Aurelia, a sea glass mosaic, is shown in Absolute White, Rhodolite,Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Pearl, and Blue Spinel.

Jacqueline glass vogue

Jacqueline, a jewel glass waterjet mosaic shown in Absolute white, Chalcedony, Peridot, and Quartz/Agate, is part of the Silk Road Collection by Sara Baldwin for New Ravenna Mosaics.

Cover page vogue



2 Responses to “Vogue features Sara Baldwin”

  1. erin adams says:

    So beautiful!!!

  2. Giovanni says:

    it is just a very small little part of what you deserve!

    I am very extremely happy for this.

    I wish you to be on cover page of Times too soon!


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