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The Designer’s Eye.

Ask anyone who’s travelled with you, and odds are you’ll get confirmation of our theory that a designer’s eye is always open.  We find inspiration everywhere… even in a pile of wood.

Driving through the ancient maritime forests of the Oregon Coast between Portland and Seattle there are any number of things to catch your eye.  The majestic hemlock trees, the stunning waterfalls, and yes, the enormous stockpiles of fire wood filling open barns everywhere.

These massive testaments to long winters and a strong Northwestern work ethic form gorgeous fields of browns, tans & grays.

Truman stone mosaic

Truman by New Ravenna Mosaics, stone mosaic


Just as the idea for this post about the appeal of woodpiles was forming, a text message from Sara Baldwin rang through.  It read simply “Heartwood” and included a picture she’d shot with her phone.  The photo was naturally of the woodpile near her sister Ellen’s house in New Hampshire .



This put a whole new spin on the concept and sent us looking for other examples of lumberjack couture.  And we were amazed by what we found. From conspicuous examples of sculpture to simpler field designs we found that there are arboreal artists among us who not only find inspiration everywhere, but also find ways to express that inspiration everywhere.

copyright unknown


If you’ve found a fabulous example of design unexpected please share it with us, and we’ll promise to keep doing the same.

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