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The Best Shower Accessory –
A Tan, Naked Man

Or, why BLUE is a great color for a shower.

Finally, after living in our house for approximately six months, the master shower was finished. Actually, almost finished–it still needed the glass enclosure installed or at least a shower curtain. I realize that after being in this business for 18 years, I should know something about shower design, but Ihad no idea how talented I am until Dave stepped into our brand-new, almost ready to use shower.

Background: Dave has a bumper-sticker on his truck that proclaims “die tan”. His mother is fond of recounting a time when a particularly inspiring young Olympic athlete was interviewed on television and asked the question “what one word describes you and sums up your essence?” The reply evidently was “invincible”. Taking this as a cue, Dave’s mother thought she’d ask her brilliant, extremely promising teenage son what one word he would use to describe himself. You guessed it, much to his mother’s chagrin, he said simply “tan”.

So sun exposure is something I used to nag Dave about regularly; that is, until he stepped into our new, predominately blue shower, after coming back from a winter trip to Panama. WOW! He makes the mosaic shower look fantastic! I mean, he looks fantastic in our shower! Of course it’s a very nice space, and I have a weakness for blue macaubas in any form, whether in tiles, or slabs, or in this case, in the mist pattern that marches up the back wall, but the complementary color of Tan Man simply makes the shower SING.

Sorry to disappoint, but I will not be sharing a photo of my Dave in the shower. There’s only one person who gets the privilege of enjoying that view–and I’ve discovered the perfect perch is the edge of the bath-tub at the other end of the room, beyond the vanity. However, I will share with you exactly what went into creating this lovely space and you can provide your own shower accessory to complete the picture.

Recipe for a lovely mixed media work of art:

1. New Ravenna mosaic “mist” floor and walls: 1.5 cm. hand-chopped “mist” field in blue macaubas, calacatta, ming green, kays green, celeste, thassos
2. Ann Sacks 12″ x 24″ Crystal series glass tile in Sky colorway (Water-jet the edges of each glass tile to avoid chipping–saws do not work)
3. Anti-fracture membrane behind the glass tile
4. Waterworks .25 plumbing series, with rain-shower head above with custom length crazy expensive extender pipe
5. Basalto Orvieto from New Ravenna for curb slab-top and shower niche bottom (it matches the floors in the rest of the house)
6. Custom mixed grout for both the mosaic walls and the glass tiles
7. Recessed lights–warm colored–very important–emphasizes 3D aspects of composition
8. Mahogany trim is a nice counterpoint
9. Large handsome tan man.

Mix ingredients 1-8, install carefully. Add beloved partner. Enjoy!

5 Responses to “The Best Shower Accessory –
A Tan, Naked Man”

  1. That shower is awesome! Can you duplicate that for me?

  2. modernemama says:

    This is so gorgeous I could totally steal your “mixed-media” idea (although I’d have to persuade The Guy to let me spray-tan him). BTW I adore the bench in the bathroom

  3. Sara Baldwin says:

    Thanks! I did have a friend suggest we should do an experiment to see which shower colors go best with each color of man. She also volunteered to supervise the experiment.
    Another friend said: “can you see inside the shower from a window in your house? if so, where do you live?”

  4. Beautiful tiles, beautiful design and a great blog!

  5. This is gorgeous. I love your selections. I have to admit, I am imagining Dave in the shower. How can I not??!! The contrast is too good to pass up AND the contours are devine :)
    Enjoy your new bath ;)
    Paula Grace ~

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