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Superyacht Design: Metamorphosis by New Ravenna

From Superyacht Design Magazine, Q8 2011

With nearly two decades of experience in mosaics and the tile industry, New Ravenna Mosaics in Virginia has brought hundreds of fresh original designs to the world of stone, tile, and glass artistry.  The company’s products are handcrafted and are fashioned into decorative borders, murals, fields, and medallions.

The results are custom works of art, which often incorporated the designs of architects, interior designers, and their clients. New Ravenna was founded in 1991 by Sara Baldwin, who oversees the research and development arm of the company through the Sara Baldwin Design Studio.  Prior to founding New Ravenna, Baldwin earned a Bachelor and a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania.

One series that caught our eyes in called Metamorphosis.  The mosaic marble and stone series includes 15 patterns that are available in both standard and custom colourways.  While growing up on the Chesapeake Bay, Baldwin was captivated by nature’s everchanging patterns, texture, and hues.  Today, she draws from that inspiration and transforms these earthly patterns into works of art. “With Metamorphosis, I transform organic patterns an texture in to the timeless craft of mosaic,” says Baldwin. “For me, it’s a way to capture the soul of nature’s imagination, and to invite its tranquility into the home.”

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