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“stone llamas – so cool”

If you’re a designer, architect, artist, or dreamer, you know that inspiration can come from just about anywhere at just about any time.  If you’ve been following Sara’s blog here on New Ravenna.com, then you probably have noticed that while she’s open to the possibility that the lightning bolt of inspiration may strike at any moment, she’s not the kind of girl to just sit around and wait for it.  So, it comes as no surprise to us when we get an email at 2:00 in the morning from her that says something like “stone llamas – so cool.”

While some of you may be thinking that we left a “d” off of that first word, I am happy to report that Sara was actually reading about ancient Peruvian mosaic llamas. Who knew, right?

Apparently just about nobody.  While Machu Pichu certainly gets its fair share of press, the nearby ruins of Choquequirao are a mystery to all but the most intrepid of travelers… and of course Sara Baldwin. While curiosity may have killed the cat, it’s the fuel that drives Sara’s constant quest for new and interesting experiences and designs.  So whether she’s at a car show in Naples, in the desert of Abu Dhabi, or reading about travel tales from Peru, there’s always the potential for inspiration to strike out of the blue.

So while most readers of “Turn Right at Machu Pichu” by Mark Adams are likely enjoying a vicarious adventure in the Andes, Sara is, of course, drawn in by the brief mention and single photo of a 700 year old stone mosaic llama in the Peruvian mountainside. While we haven’t peeked into her design notebook recently, odds are pretty good that there’s a llama in there somewhere… or possibly some Inca inspired doodles.

In the design center and beyond we have found that Sara’s willingness to follow a thread of thought wherever it leads her is one of the driving forces behind the innovation that New Ravenna strives for in all aspects of our business.  While we know that many of our customers are most interested in our designs, we hope that you also notice our efforts to provide the best customer experience possible both to and through out wonderful network of showrooms across the country and around the world.

If you have a great story about how your design inspiration was spurred by an interesting experience we’d love to hear about it.  Please feel free to use the comment section below to share or e-mail us at info@newravenna.com with the phrase “New Ravenna Blog” in the subject line.

You can learn more about the stone llamas of Choquequirao by clicking here.

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  1. Steven Auld says:

    No doubt that Stone Llamas is so cool and indeed appealing to one’s eye.And my curiosity arises with this ancient Peruvian mosaic llamas.Will surely have a research of this.Thanks for sharing a wonderful experience. [ got llamas dot com ]

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