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Sometimes you just need some Scotch… mosaics

When Sara started talking up the idea of making plaid mosaics, more than a few puzzled faced greeted the idea.  More than one of our friends blurted out “I don’t think they do mosaic in Scotland Sara.” Completely undaunted by their incredulity, Sara has once again reached into her bag of tricks to come out with a flurry of new designs that interpret classic style through the medium of stone and glass.

Of course we couldn’t help but wonder how far off that comment about Scottish mosaics really was, and as you may have guessed, they do “do mosaics” in Scotland.

Not only is there an interesting & active mosaicist community, but there are some wonderful classic pieces as well.  Of those we found, our favorites are in Edinburgh, and can be found on the web at thejoyofshards.co.uk.

This glass smalti mosaic adorns the domed recess of a bank with a bit of Shakespeare and some colorful texture.

And this delightful pebble mosaic is one of many pieces of public art that adorn Rose Street.

Of course we have to show off the work that put us on this little quest to start with, so please enjoy the gallery of New Ravenna’s new Tartans & Plaids.  As Sara described them to Mike Welton for a recent piece in Art & Architects, “There are things like Burberry plaids that seem so stable.  They’re harder to get tired of – I think of them as classic.”

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