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Romancing the Stone with New Ravenna Mosaics

Curvaceous lines identify the romantic designs from New Ravenna Mosaics, inducing a sophisticated allure. For Sara Baldwin, Founder and Creative Director, a spirit of adventure and love of nature has inspired seductive patterns and materials. “My travels to the desert have challenged my perceptions of light and rhythm. There is a poetry to vast uninterrupted horizons and acres of undulating sand. A design becomes romantic when there is a relationship between color and texture that is both contemplative and sensual.”

Sara Baldwin

The handcrafted mosaics are realized in exotic marbles, honed and polished to produce an interplay of matte and shiny surfaces. New Ravenna Mosaics are made to measure, insuring a perfect fit for interior and exterior installations. Because shouldn’t romance exist everywhere?

New Ravenna Mosaics creates custom and ready to ship tile for imaginative, sustainable, and durable surfaces. Over 200 remarkable designs are available at tile showrooms throughout the United States, Canada and Dubai.

For more information, images, interviews, and samples please contact:
JoAnn Locktov
(415) 383-1399 (CA)
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