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New Ravenna’s “Big-Girl Catalog”

It gives me great pleasure to announce a sales tool upgrade–we have a new catalog!

New Ravenna catalog

For years, whenever one of our dealers has desired to share more of the New Ravenna line with a customer, they have been forced to use unwieldy binders with mediocre print quality.  While better than nothing, I’ve never been happy with them.

beginning of the border section

The new and improved catalog has a soft cover, 186 pages, and print quality that makes our old binders look sort of hung-over.

new ravenna jewel glass palette

New Ravenna Jewel Glass palette

Recently Marketing Director Christine Campbell and I made our yearly pilgrimage to High Point for market.  We were excited to visit Visual Comfort (retail stores are ‘Circa Lighting‘)  so Christine could pick out some lighting for her new house and I could scope out better props for mosaic photos than the ones that are available here on the Eastern Shore.

New Ravenna borders

New Ravenna borders

While entering Visual Comfort, we were greeted by Paloma and Meredith from their marketing department. “Oh, New Ravenna!” they said delightedly, “We know you–you used our sconces recently in an awesome romance shot.”

Wow!  Our day was made. Sometimes PR is like throwing a message in a bottle into the sea–you might never know if anyone finds it.  We showed them the new catalog hot off the press.  The ‘romance shot’ was on the cover (featuring our ikat-inspired Jewel glass pattern “Loom”)  along with their Bryant sconces by Thomas O’Brian.

New Ravenna Loom

"Romance Shot" with Visual Comfort sconces

We explained how happy we were with the new catalog and how grown-up we felt. “It’s your ‘big-girl catalog”, Meredith quipped.

Exactly.  What a perfect way to describe it. I feel like we’ve graduated from kindergarten (or maybe sex ed). Our dealers will be receiving them soon…but if you are a designer or architect and wish to have your own copy, call Courtney at 757-442-3379,  x136, and for twenty bucks (we take credit cards) she’ll be happy to put one in the mail for you. And please tell us how to improve it–we’re already working on the next iteration.

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  1. Thank you so much for the mention! We love seeing our sconces featured along with your gorgeous tile designs.

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