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As Seen In: South Africa’s House & Garden

House & Garden, South Africa’s finest decor magazine, dives into everything from design and decor to recipes and DIY, and this September, they’re revving up their outdoor issue with inspiration for great family places and tips on how to create them. Lucky for us, New Ravenna was featured three different times in this issue!

First, we see a deconstructed version of Kiawah Kente, a mosaic from the J. Banks Design x New Ravenna collection. As you can see here, Kiawah Kente is typically shown in two colors (Allure and Calacatta) with a Zinc liner for that pop of shine. However, House & Garden featured Kiawah Kente without the blue of the Allure, so it’s just a white, scored stone piece – which we think is a really cool take on this mosaic! The most unique thing about this pattern? It’s left ungrouted so that the scored lines give way to tons of texture.

In the Shopping section, House & Garden shares Bonnie, a classic pattern from the Plaids and Ginghams Collection. Bonnie is often made in jewel glass (though stone is, of course an option!), which can have a variety of tones to it. For that reason, Bonnie, though a simple checked pattern, gets a bold pop of undulating color throughout. See all the different colors of Bonnie here.

Finally, House & Garden includes our classic yet bold Lancaster mosaic, a black and white geometrical beauty that would look stunning in a foyer or grand entryway. We love that they paired this photo with the bright yellow lamp that adds a pop of daring color to the black and white palette. We can totally see these two together in a fun office or study!

The three patterns above can be fully customized with the client’s material preferences to fit the scope of any commercial or residential project. They’re all available at New Ravenna showrooms throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, and Dubai.

As Seen In: South Africa’s Living Space Magazine

Livingspace, based in South Africa, is a monthly inspirational and aspirational decor and lifestyle magazine dedicated to bringing its readers the very best in decor, lifestyle, gourmet, gardening and DIY. In their summer trends piece entitled “Let It Shine,” they featured one of our absolute favorite materials and one that we use in many of our mosaics at New Ravenna – brass! Brass is the metallic of the moment and gives a pop of opulence to any room through chairs, light fixtures, wall paper, tile – take your pick! From New Ravenna, Livingspace included our Margot mosaic in Tiger’s Eye Jewel Glass and 24K Gold Glass – not brass, but still gives the room that pop of gold! See number two below.


As Seen In: HobNob Magazine

What a fun and engaging publication HobNob magazine is! Ellen Swandiak, a wizard of food, drink and, of course, STYLE, has designed HobNob to give readers the tools to make all future gatherings that much more interesting. And, as a result of combing New York City for inspiration, she has compiled the best restaurants, bars, and events. Her style section includes home design tips and modern tools for entertaining. She recently came out with a high-end kitchen design piece, highlighting elements to help readers create a state-of-the-art space to love. Included in this piece are four patterns from Legend, a collection of seven textural mosaics reminiscent of ancient textiles designed by Sara Baldwin and Paul Schatz for New Ravenna.

The four patterns included in HobNob are Rimini, Augustine, Omar and Kuba. Of these patterns, HobNob says, “There’s nothing like a mosaic design to give a place a sense of history. These patterns from New Ravenna feature a collection of seven mosaics inspired by ancient textiles. The subtle palette is determined by the different tones in the natural stones that have been tumbled, polished and hand-chopped.”

The inspiration for this collection was Baldwin’s travels through open-air markets and exotic souks around the world. The fabrics she found there contain an artisan’s narrative within their seams and frayed edges, and that’s exactly what we wanted to evoke…but in mosaic form! You’ll notice that a lot of these patterns actually look like fabric and, if made from yarn instead of stone, could be the rugs you see on a floor.

Each pattern can be fully customized with the client’s material preferences to fit the scope of any commercial or residential project. Every mosaic in the Legend Collection can be installed indoors or out, on floors or walls. The collection is available at New Ravenna showrooms throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, and Dubai.

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