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Now Offering…Slabs & Large Format Field Tile

There are SO many important aspects that go into creating the perfect room – including making sure your natural stone elements (sinks, countertops, backsplashes, floors, walls, etc.) match. We talk all day about the range of stone and how difficult it can be to match your mosaic to your floor, to your sink, to your counters, etc. etc. Well, we heard you and we’ve got some game-changing news. For the last few months, we’ve been sourcing the most exquisite slabs from around the globe (and posting teasers about it to our social media channels – if you don’t follow along on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin, you should!) and we’re so excited to roll out our new slab and large format field tile program. Now, you can pair your mosaic with matching slabs/field tile and be matchy matchy in the best way possible – all by ordering through one single point of contact at New Ravenna.

Our Belen mosaic paired with large format Bayard floor and Calacatta slab washstand top.

Our Belen mosaic paired with Calacatta slab washstand top.

From basic white marbles like Thassos and Calacatta Gold to unique new additions like Bayard and Argent Blue, all your slab and tile dreams are fulfilled through this new launch and we hope you love it as much as we do! Additional materials are available by special order, please don’t hesitate to ask. Simply send us your requests and our sourcing experts will get to work. After the pre-sale closes, we’ll assess which requests were the most popular and we’ll add them to the program.

Contact your local New Ravenna retailer to learn more.

As Seen In: The New York Times

Aspen is a hand-cut stone mosaic and can be created from materials such as polished Calacatta Tia, St. Laurent, Persian Gold, 24K Gold Glass, Kay’s Green, Spring Green, Driftwood, Travertine Noce, Thassos…and the list goes on and on. We’ve always thought this mosaic was stunning and feature worthy, and this weekend, the New York Times agreed!

On Saturday, March 3, we woke up to the digital release of Telling a Story Through Tiles in The New York Times (the print version will release on Thursday, March 8). The piece digs into the beauty of contemporary mosaics and features the bathroom of New Ravenna client, Gerry Eisenberg in Aiken, South Carolina. Last summer, Gerry installed our Aspen mosaic in her bathroom, complete with 24-karat gold accents, and the final product is breathtaking. Gerry says, “What is more wonderful than mosaic? What is more traditional?” she said. “But mosaic with gold glass to give it that modern zip.”

The Times also spoke with our creative director, Cean Irminger. Cean shares that our mosaics can be “super intricate and detailed,” which lends to the fact that mosaics are no longer just associated with the ancient Romans or churches and cathedrals. Mosaics can be customized with almost any material, any colorway, any size and can be installed in kitchens, backsplashes, showers, floors, pools, etc.

Today, Gerry is more satisfied than ever with her bathroom, stating that it brings color, light and a sense of artistry into her home.

“Every time I go in there,” she says, “it’s enchanting.”

To see more photos of the Aspen mosaic installed in Ms. Eisenberg’s Aiken, SC home, click here.

Keep in mind that the PRINT version of this article will appear in the New York Times on Thursday, March 8, under the headline “Pictures Worth a Thousand Pieces.” Keep an eye out!

Tile sourced through Renaissance Tile & Bath in Charlotte, NC.

New England Homes Features The Trove Collection’s ‘Orion’

Who hasn’t done a stint in retail? OK, maybe not everyone reading, but those of us who have know how exciting it is to get in NEW PRODUCT! That’s why we love that New England Home’s Winter 2018 publication has a “New in the Showrooms” section. It’s hard work to stay on top of trends and keep your showroom fresh (we’re totally biased, but we think ours do it best), so the work that goes into new displays should absolutely be celebrated. From mirrors and lamps to flowers and rock n’ roll, this piece caters to your every whim when it comes to home design and what you can expect to keep your eyes peeled for.

On page 40 in their digital issue, you’ll see our Orion mosaic in honed Nero Marquina and polished Calacatta. This pattern is named after one of the most well-known constellations and brings a “celestial beauty” to any space. We are all about bringing the outdoors in, and so many of our customers live in the city and long for a clear, unobstructed view of the night sky. Mosaics from the Trove Collection, especially Orion, Michael, and Astronomy, invite a subtle starry-night element into the home.

Orion, a waterjet stone mosaic, shown in honed Nero Marquina and polished Calacatta, is part of the Trove Collection for New Ravenna.

Orion is shown here in polished Thassos and Xanadu.

Michael, a waterjet stone mosaic, shown in honed Bardiglio, polished Calacatta Tia, and Brass, is part of the Trove collection for New Ravenna.

Michael is shown here in honed Thassos and polished Calacatta Gold.

Astronomy, a waterjet stone mosaic, shown in Venetian honed Nero Marquina and Brass, is part of the Trove Collection for New Ravenna.

Astronomy is shown here in honed Cloud Nine and Brass.










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