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As Seen In: Architects + Artisans

Architects + Artisans is a sophisticated, well-informed source of architecture, artisanship and sustainability for the 21st century. A+A seeks to wire itself into the coolest design trends on the planet. Ultimately, Architects + Artisans is an online magazine dedicated to the concept of creating a community where thoughtful design for a sustainable world is not a phrase, but way of living and working.

New Ravenna is honored to be included in another publishing written by J. Michael Welton, who focused on The La Panthère collection.  La Panthère was inspired by Erté, the 20th century artist and designer known for his glamorous art deco stage sets, jewelry, costumes, sculpture, and graphic design.

The two custom handcrafted panels are three-feet-by-six-feet panels of jewel glass, each depicting women, panthers and trees in a neutral palette. They’re positive and negative tones, all laid in 24 carat glass. In art deco iconography, the panther is symbolic of independent female spirit, grace and beauty.“We are primarily a female work force— that’s personally where our roots come from,” says Cean Irminger, New Ravenna’s art director. “It’s an underground symbolism for us — the feminine spirit of the company.” Making the panther even more significant.

The La Panthère collection is also a way to demonstrate to the industry that mosaics can be as illustrative as Erté’s paint or pencil. “Mosaics are a storytelling medium – if you want to tell a story, we can tell it,” she says. “We’re updating what Erté was doing but in our own style.”

Click here to read the full article on architectsandartisans.com.

As Seen In: Mountain Living

Mountain Living magazine, which is published in Colorado, featured our “Plume” mosaic in their May/June 25th Anniversary issue! One of the three Plume panels was included in the “Stylish 25” feature, where Mountain Living writers and editors share 25 of their favorite furnishings with timeless appeal, and also on the table of contents page (see both below).


The complex details of the Plume mosaic panels depict pheasant and guinea hen feathers. Set against pitch-black matte Obsidian glass, organic colors emerge, creating a unique mosaic, which replicates each feather. There are 18 colors of glass in each glossy plume, which merge into a hand crafted hyperrealistic portrait. Grouted in eight different colors, the elegant details are a testament to the art of mosaic and the beauty of nature. In this feature, Plume is joined by other stylish products from sheepskin and buffalo leather cushions, candelabras, and redwood slab tables to hand-painted leather chairs, homemade wool rugs and rustic daybeds, many of them custom-made with extremely high attention to tiny details.



New Ravenna Creative director, Cean Irminger, says, “When we began work on this series, the idea was to create an image of many overlapping feathers with a chiaroscuro effect for depth. However, once we reviewed the photographs, we realized that each feather was a natural work of art in and of itself and deserved to be treated as such. We instead decided to create separate specimen studies rendered in monumental scale to magnify the nuanced complexities and drama found in a single feather. The Plume panels blend the beauty of the natural world with the astonishing talent of our master mosaicists.”


The three 4 ft. x 7 ft. feather panels took one month to create. The feathers include hand-cut pieces of jewel glass in Jasper, Lavastone, Schist, Tourmaline, Tortoiseshell, Tiger’s Eye, Amber, Agate, Quartz, Labradorite, Pearl, Opal, Moonstone, Alabaster, Sardonyx, Ruby, Garnet, and Carnelian. The background is Obsidian with a matte Sea Glass finish. The Plume series and all other New Ravenna mosaics are available at New Ravenna showrooms throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, and Dubai.

New Ravenna Presents La Panthère: custom mosaic art panels in the spirit of Erté

May 14, 2019 (Exmore, Virginia) – New Ravenna, America’s premier designer and manufacturer of mosaics for both residential and commercial installations, is pleased to present two mosaic art panels, La Panthère Blanche and La Panthère Noire. The custom panels are inspired by Erté, the pseudonym of Romain de Tirtoff, the 20th century artist and designer known for his glamorous art deco stage sets, jewelry, costumes, sculpture, and graphic design. The Russian born artist moved to Paris when he was 18 beginning his career as a fashion illustrator creating stylized sinuous women draped in elegant bejeweled clothing. In art deco iconography, the panther is symbolic of independent femininity, grace, and speed. The handcrafted panels are created in Absolute White, Obsidian, Champagne, Peridot, Emerald, and Mirror jewel glass, with a 24k gold glass background. The 3′ x 6′ panels are opposite mirror images of each other, and can be customized in scale, framed as decorative art panels, or installed as part of a functional surface, such as an interior shower wall.

Creative director, Cean Irminger, says of the inspiration, “When we were designing the Bright Young Things collection, we wanted to create an ode to the iconic graphic arts of the Jazz Age. The hundreds of groundbreaking illustrators of the time left us spoiled for choice, but ultimately we decided to design our pieces in the style of Erté, considered to be the father of art deco. The lithe, sensuous feminine figures of his theater and fashion illustrations are timeless in their beauty, with nods to the ancient worlds, Eastern cultures, and abundant sumptuous decoration.  We chose to depict our femmes and felines in the traditional deco palette of black and white and laid them on a textured bed of 24k gold as a reference to the magnificent Byzantine mosaics of Ravenna. The versatility of glass made it possible to depict details such as the inert power in the bodies of the panthers, the tiny decorations in the headdresses, and the flower canopies. Thousands of hand shaped tesserae allowed us to use the inherent storytelling abilities of our craft to pay homage to the period and the man himself, Erté.”

New Ravenna mosaics are available at New Ravenna showrooms throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, and Dubai. www.newravenna.com  #757.442.3379


New Ravenna is America’s premier designer and manufacturer of stone and glass mosaics for both residential and commercial installations. The hand crafted mosaics are fashioned into decorative borders, murals, fields, and medallions. Mosaic materials are polished, tumbled, honed and cut to create distinctive styles, subtle shade variations and textures. The installations are custom works of art in mosaic tile, which often incorporate the designs of architects, interior designers and their clients.

New Ravenna products are available for purchase through designer showrooms across the country and internationally. The company provides design services along with on-site supervision of installations. New Ravenna mosaics are found in homes, restaurants, hotels, casinos, and businesses around the world.


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