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New Ravenna Introduces the Palazzo Collection


August 25, 2016 (Exmore, Virginia)….New Ravenna is pleased to introduce Palazzo, a collection of mosaics by Sara Baldwin Design and Paul Schatz. The 13 patterns are handcrafted in Virginia from natural stone and were inspired by the expansive Italian palaces constructed during the Renaissance era. The Palazzo collection explores classic motifs from Roman and Byzantine design. Each piece of stone has been cut by hand, saw or waterjet and either honed, polished or left in its original organic state.

Sara Baldwin, founder and creative director of New Ravenna says of Palazzo, “Originally, I was developing a mosaic for a foyer and reflected on the purpose of the entrance to our homes. A foyer is often a small space that has the capacity to make a dramatic statement with elegant material and generous scale. Often we seek to bring outdoor elements inside a home’s design, which is why I love using natural marble. Its inherent striations are uniquely beautiful, reflecting the soul of the stone.”

Each pattern can be fully customized with the client’s material preferences to fit the scope of any commercial or residential project. Every mosaic in the Palazzo collection is made by hand in Virginia and can be installed indoors or out, on floors or walls. The collection is available at New Ravenna showrooms throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, and Dubai. www.newravenna.com 757-442-3379

New Ravenna is America’s premier designer and manufacturer of stone and glass mosaics for both residential and commercial installations. The handcrafted mosaics are fashioned into decorative borders, murals, fields, and medallions. Mosaic materials are tumbled, honed or treated to create distinctive styles, subtle shade variations and textures. The installations are custom works of art in mosaic tile, which often incorporate the designs of architects, interior designers, and their clients.

New Ravenna products are available for purchase through designer showrooms across the country and internationally. The company provides design services along with on-site supervision of installations. New Ravenna mosaics are found in homes, restaurants, hotels, casinos, and businesses around the world.
Top image: Lucius, shown in polished Calacatta Tia and honed Thassos.

Palazzo & Making an Entrance

palazzo header-email

Talk about a grand entrance. When dreaming up our most recent collection, Palazzo, the Sara Baldwin Design team and Paul Schatz decided to go big or go home. Altogether, the designs form an accumulation of thirteen large format patterns that are the epitome of elegance.

Arbus stone mosaic

Arbus, a hand-cut stone mosaic, shown in polished Soccoro Grey, Nero Marquina, Carrara, and honed Cavern.

For this series, our team of designers chose to focus on spaces of gatherings. The main objective while creating this collection was to get inspired by spaces that are not merely welcoming but also bold and extravagant. Because by constructing the right atmosphere, a space, whether it be public or private, can say, “Hello,” while also silently making a statement that is far more far more powerful.

Delaunay stone mosaic

Delaunay, a hand-cut stone mosaic, shown in polished Cloud Nine and Dolomite.

Once again, we find ourselves returning to the classics. But, really, the Renaissance was the epitome of perfect symmetry, so you cannot blame us for being swayed by the flawless order of this enlightened period while creating our patterns in the current century. With that said, although entirely our own, the oh-so-satisfying symmetry of Lucius and Hadrian both include elements of perfectly repeating squares. The subtly emerging circles within Zazen are all in reference to the perfect order that was always a consistent theme within Renaissance and Byzantine art. We modernist humans, carrying an iEverything, still get all warm and tingly over the foreseeable order found within the consistency of circles and squares. Go figure.

Zazen Grande stone mosaic

Zazen Grande, a waterjet stone mosaic, shown in Venetian honed Cavern by Paul Schatz.

The Palazzo Collection as a whole is undeniably lavish. Yet, mosaics that are substantial in scale can still harness intimacy and be soothingly inviting. There is no better example of this than in our plush design, Cableknit. We harness so much inspiration from fabrics and stitching, and this woven pattern, although constructed entirely from natural marble, gives off the cozy vibe of your favorite snuggly winter blanket. Our Venetian honing technique is responsible for the “soft-to-the-touch” appearance of this braided design.

Cable Knit Large stone mosaic

Cable Knit Large, a waterjet stone mosaic, shown in Venetian honed Dolomite.

First impressions are significant. A grand foyer or extravagant entryway needs to be inviting and memorable. Our incentive for the Palazzo Collection is to create floors, as well as walls, that draw in its guests and inhabitants. To house and welcome those who enter the space and offer a setting that unfolds future memories that will sustain, like marble, throughout the ages.

Heathrow Grande stone mosaic

Heathrow Grande, a hand-cut and waterjet mosaic, shown in honed Cloud Nine and tumbled Ming Green by Paul Schatz for New Ravenna.

If you’ve stuck with us this far – you deserve your own Palazzo floor, but for now, we’ll leave you with a quote from Sara Baldwin, founder and creative director of New Ravenna, who says of the collection: “Originally, I was developing a mosaic for a foyer and reflected on the purpose of the entrance to our homes. A foyer is often a small space that has the capacity to make a dramatic statement with elegant material and generous scale. Often we seek to bring outdoor elements inside a home’s design, which is why I love using natural marble. Its inherent striations are uniquely beautiful, reflecting the soul of the stone.”

Lucius stone mosaic

Lucius, a hand-cut stone mosaic, shown in polished Calacatta Tia and honed Thassos.



Introducing Tansu, a contemporary design 500 million years in the making. This woven stone mosaic is made from one of Asia’s most precious stones, Muyu Jade, or wooden fish stone. Formed from marine deposits during the early Palaeozoic Era, this stone manifests a timeless beauty. Yet, this material is more than pretty, it is rich in health-boosting minerals. As it turns out, the Fountain of Youth petrified years ago. To tap into its revitalizing properties, the Chinese have been shaping Muyu into elegant teaware and decorative carvings since the era of the Ming Dynasty. Legend has it that tea stays fresh in a Muyu Jade vessel for a week while alkalizing liquids and imparting all its 26 mineral benefits – you know we’re busy looking for the best Muyu tea mugs out there.

Now, we are reawakening this ageless stone in Tansu, our latest addition to the Studio Line. Named for the traditional storage cabinetry of Japan, the wood-like quality of Muyu takes center stage in this design. Tansu carpentry oftentimes has a dry finish, a technique applied by rubbing clay or chalk into the wooden surface before being burnished with an Eulalia root whisk. By honing the wood-like jade, this same effect is achieved within our own design. At the same time, the woven pattern calls to mind the elegance of Ikebana wedding baskets. Although inspired by vessels that contain, our Asian inspired design, Tansu, is meant to open your space and to invite others into the richness and history of Muyu jade.

As part of our ready-to-ship Studio Line, Tansu ships from our studio in Virginia within 48 hours. For pricing and design assistance, visit a New Ravenna retailer near you.




Germination | Parterre

Located on the hidden gem that is Virginia’s Eastern Shore, we are surrounded by plentiful natural beauties of open landscapes and all the benefits that come with life between two vast bodies of water.  As inspiring as our nautical surroundings might often be (the best place to develop a line of “Sea Glass™” mosaics is definitely the beach), Sara, New Ravenna’s founder and creative director, didn’t strike inspirational gold until her visit to the parterre gardens of Château de Villandry. Pedaling through the hillsides and stopping along the way to envelop herself in the culture, Sara was able to experience firsthand the beauties of a place plentiful with lush, pristine gardens that was far from the comforts of home.

Several hundred years prior, in 1532, Jean Le Breton arrived to the same grounds and replaced the ancient fortress that once housed the signing of the peace treaty, “La Paix de Colombiers” of 1189, with the great chateau that still stands to this very day. Although he did not carry a status with royalty, Le Breton, the architect and resident of Château de Villandry, did hold a number of esteemed titles including the Minister of Finance for François I and the French Ambassador to Rome. His desire for architectural order branched beyond the building itself. The lush gardens, inspired by trips to Italy, offered a smooth transition between the chateau and the untamed landscape surrounding it. Keeping up with the current ideology of the Renaissance, symmetry was (and still is) key.      

Amidst the rich history of grandeur and the refined beauty of the royal gardens, Sara submerged into design-mode. “Everywhere I turned I was surrounded by elegant design,” Sara recalled of her walk through the gardens, “Everything was just as it should be. Not a leaf out of place. As if each bud carried its very own intention.” After returning home, she reaffirmed her alliance with friend and fellow designer, Paul Schatz. Alongside the team of designers at New Ravenna, Sara translated her memories of the cultivated French landscape into yet another line of cutting edge (pun intended) mosaics.

The outcome became New Ravenna’s Parterre Collection, eighteen innovative patterns with European roots, all designed and manufactured on American soil. Paul Schatz’s pattern, Jardin, a stone waterjet mosaic, is perhaps this collection’s most literal interpretation of a royal garden. The earthy greens of Verde Luna call to mind perfectly trimmed shrubbery that are contrasted by neutral tones of Calacatta and Cararra which outline the “shrubbery” as pathways for the eyes to follow. This gorgeous combination looks just like an aerial view of a perfectly manicured estate. To have this design in one’s home would evoke similar feelings of scanning the ground from the terrace of Kensington Palace in London,  or looking out the window from an extravagant château, like the Palace of Versailles.

Although the foliage and shrubbery receive due credibility, the deliberate lines created by gravel pathways that separate a garden’s flower beds are of equal significance. If not for the space in between, a place to rest and regroup, the gardens would be just as overgrown and unmanaged as the wild plants in a forest. In Abigail, the hand-nipped Calacatta pieces create a smooth stone pathway that weaves through the waterjet cut pieces of the vibrant blue Aquaberyl Serenity glass. The final result is a graceful design that eludes to a delicate footpath winding between pools of clear water.  

Throughout the germinating process of New Ravenna’s Parterre Collection, efforts of trial and error unearthed the parallels between the act of gardening and the creation of mosaics. In a sense, both practices are an effort to tame and systematically organize elements of nature. To think of the process with a sense of romance, we, the workers at New Ravenna, toil away the hours weeding and pruning. We hand-pick, select, add, then eliminate, until we have our perfectly manicured mosaics. Perhaps it is just the human mind trying to turn that which we perceive as chaos into order, to find the rhythms and patterns in our natural world. We elaborate as a means to simplify in the mind’s eye. Whether or not the preferred medium is organic matter or a mineral, inspired design still requires artisans who carry the same attributes: a good eye, wandering feet, and a willingness to get one’s hands dirty. 

Traditional Home | Coliseum

Traditional Home magazine features our Coliseum design in Nero Marquina in the June “curated spotlight” feature!

Coliseum, a mosaic from our Altimetry Collection by Sara Baldwin Design, uses raised and Venetian honed marble stalks to accentuate luxuriously smooth large-scale Nero Marquina hexagons. This pattern would make a wall irresistible to touch and can be used with almost any marble you prefer. Check out the feature below!

Traditional Home-Spotlight-26_Coliseum


Coliseum, a stone waterjet mosaic, shown in honed Nero Marquina and Venetian honed Nero Marquina, is part of the Altimetry Collection for New Ravenna.


Coliseum, a stone waterjet mosaic, shown in honed Calacatta and Venetian honed Calacatta, is part of the Altimetry Collection for New Ravenna.


HGTV Magazine | Blue Macauba Bricks

Inspired by HGTV’s exciting and entertaining programming, HGTV Magazine offers the value of insider advice from trusted experts, as well as the enjoyment of taking a look inside real people’s homes. We are thrilled to have our product featured in the May issue!

With help from designer Andrew Howard, homeowners Whitney and Bob Maremba chose the exotic Blue Macauba marble in 3cm x 6cm bricks for their kitchen backsplash. This rare stone is recognized for its electric blue veining and soft blue background with occasional turmeric yellow veins.




Blue Macauba, a premium stone available in New Ravenna’s material profile, can be used in many mosaics in our custom design and product portfolio.


Southwest Style magazine

Four New Ravenna mosaics are featured in this season’s Southwest Style magazine. If you’re designing or redesigning a space in Scottsdale, be sure to visit our partner showroom Craftsman Court! Keep reading to learn more about the products mentioned in the article.

Southwest Style_NewRavenna_2016


Coliseum, a stone waterjet mosaic, shown in honed Calacatta and Venetian honed Calacatta, is part of the Altimetry Collection for New Ravenna.


Jardin, a handmade mosaic shown in polished Verde Luna, Calacatta and Carrara. Designed by Sara Baldwin Designs for New Ravenna.


Waverly, a handcut and waterjet stone mosaic shown in polished Calacatta Tia and honed Thassos, is part of the Silk Road Collection by Sara Baldwin for New Ravenna.


Jacqueline, a waterjet stone mosaic, shown in tumbled Thassos, is part of the Silk Road Collection by Sara Baldwin for New Ravenna.20  i

Utopia K&B | Royal Palace

The lovely Utopia Kitchen & Bath Magazine features Royal Palace by Paul Schatz from the Altimetry collection in their June publication.Utopia K&B_June-Royal Palace


Royal Palace, a waterjet and hand-cut stone mosaic, shown in honed Palomar and polished Calacatta, is part of the Altimetry collection design by Paul Schatz for New Ravenna.

Traditional Home | Seine

Our Seine mosaic was used in this gorgeous Detroit renovation featured in Traditional Home. The geometric floor gives this master bath a symmetrical and sophisticated feel. Click here to tour the home.



Seine, a waterjet stone mosaic, shown in polished Nero Marquina and Calacatta Tia, is part of the Silk Road Collection by Sara Baldwin for New Ravenna.


For pricing, samples, and design services, click here to locate your nearest New Ravenna partner showroom.

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