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L.A. at Home: New Ravenna Mosaics weaves Silk Road inspirations in glass and stone tile

From Los Angeles Times Home & Garden, L.A. at Home

When Sara Baldwin was in graduate school to be a painter, she visited the Metropolitan Museum in New York and saw some ancient mosaics. That turned out to be a life-changing moment.

She asked herself why so few were making such beautiful pieces today. After graduation, with a little help from her parents (meals, baby-sitting), she started New Ravenna Mosaics, a company that makes high-end glass and stone tiles for kitchens and bathrooms. Among her clients was Gracie Mansion, the home to the New York City mayor. Her pieces are available at Ann Sacks, among other places.

Her designs take inspiration from the Silk Road and other spots around the world. At a client’s request, she also has done animals and landscapes in mosaic. Premiering at this week’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas is an Ikat, based on an Asian fabric design:


Clients can choose from among 50 colors of glass and 60 of stone for a small area of a backsplash or an entire floor. The mosaics are seamless, made like a jigsaw puzzle for the space rather than tiles in particular sizes.

“You can make your space more unique,” Baldwin said Thursday at the show.

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New Ravenna Mosaics weaves Silk Road inspirtations in glass tile

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