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New Ravenna Mosaics Introduces
the Giovanni Barbieri Collection of Marble Mosaic

New Ravenna Mosaics is proud to announce our collaboration with talented and dynamic artisan Giovanni Barbieri, and the introduction of our collection of his hand carved stone, available in classic Lucido and Timeworn finishes.

Giovanni Barbieri has been carving a niche for himself in the stone business for more than two and a half decades.  Trained in the Italian artisan traditions of historic mosaic and contemporary interior design, Barbieri has devised and patented a remarkable surface treatment that transforms marble into an undulating surface material emulating ancient stone.

Classic “Marmo Antico Lucido” has a highly polished finish with a slight surface undulation, creating a refined look that hints at the organic origin of the stone. The edges are straight and tailored.

“Timeworn” finished tiles have a honed, slightly undulating surface with a matte, uneven, rustic appearance suggesting ancient stone that has been naturally shaped by time and the elements.


Individual mosaic tiles ranging in size from 2″ x 2″ to 12″ x 24″, are available in squares, rectangles, and bricks with staggered or aligned joints. The color selection is available in natural marble and travertine in tones of white, grey and brown.  All of the tile in the collection can be installed indoors or out and on vertical or horizontal surfaces.

Most of the collection will be stocked in both finishes and ready to ship for instant gratification, however it will still be possible to special order other materials, shapes, and sizes (even larger formats).

From modest beginnings working in his brother’s business, Giovanni Barbieri has grown into a master of innovation and technique in the design world, garnering many patents and awards along the way.  Barbieri lives in the enchanting walled medieval city of Castelfranco, located in the Veneto region of Italy. Founded in 1199, now with the remains of a 12th century castle, the ancient walls and floors are worn with centuries of life. Barbieri is devoted to turning stone into legend, adding the characteristics that denote history and beauty. Inspired by the rigorous design principles of the Bauhaus, the Giovanni Barbieri Collection offers simplified forms that reconcile the functionality of marble with the artistic legacies of the Italian culture.

The Giovanni Barbieri Collection is available at New Ravenna Mosaics tile showrooms throughout the United States and Canada.

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For more information, images and interviews please contact:

JoAnn Locktov
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