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New Ravenna Introduces the 2011 Silk Road Collection

New Ravenna introduces the Silk Road Collection of marble mosaics. This artisan collection is offered as a modern reflection of the road traveled for 3,000 years by nomads, traders, pilgrims, and armies, the trade route that connected Europe, Africa, India, China, and Japan.

Sara Baldwin, founder of New Ravenna Mosaics has been inspired by the Silk Road for the last two decades, exploring her mosaic forebears. The collection consists of thirty patterns. Each is an interpretation of its Silk Road antecedents, blending Eurasian materials with contemporary design elements. According to Baldwin, “The collection brings us home, distilling my own pilgrimages into steps that further the path of New Ravenna’s design odyssey.”

The Silk Road Collection is presented in a simplified palette of five marble colors. Each of them recalls its exotic provenance: Thassos, Calacatta, Carrara, Bardiglio, and Nero Marquina. New Ravenna calls this color narrative a tabula rasa, Latin for a clean slate. Each pattern is distinctly revealed and could be imagined in any of the thousands of color combinations New Ravenna is capable of rendering in glass or stone. The marble is honed, tumbled or polished, creating a counterpoint of reflective and matt surfaces, equally durable indoors or out. Shapes with fluid edges are cut by water jet. Individual hand cut mosaic squares, or tesserae, suggest a classical Roman influence. As with all New Ravenna offerings, following an enduring tradition that spans the length of the ancient Silk Road, each individual piece is patiently placed by hand.


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