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New Beau Monde for Ann Sacks

Or, Beau Bond. (sorry)

New Ravenna fabricates a newly expanded line of mosaics called Beau Monde for Ann Sacks–more display boards just arrived in each showroom. At one time, the term “Beau Monde” referred to “the world of fashionable society”. From the French, it translates as “good world”.

Personally, I like the more literal translation.

Here are some of the newer designs that are either online or on display at your local Ann Sacks showroom. So you have a sense of scale, the above panels are 24″ x 48″, and each concept board below is 14″ x 14″:

Here’s the repeat of the above pattern which looks to me like it should be the floor of a Gucci store, or perhaps behind the Hermes scarf counter (we could double the scale and make each square approximately 24″ if we needed to):

Originally, when designing these patterns several years ago, I was very focused on how wonderful it was to live in a small town–specifically, the small town of Cape Charles, Virginia (now I understand what Seaside, Florida is all about). I’d always lived either in the boonies or in Philadelphia. I had no idea. During this period of time, busy at work in my home office, gazing out at the streets of Cape Charles, I was drawn to patterns that depicted linking mechanisms: stitching, mesh, chains, hoops, weaving.

It took me a while to realize that what I was designing was actually a physical representation of what I was appreciating about my life at the time–forgive me if I go a little cosmic on you–the feeling that we are somehow all connected, that I was part of a bigger picture, and that we all play a critical role in the success of the whole. Some people bristle at the lack of anonymity that goes along with small town life, but I loved it–it made me feel like I wasn’t alone, that I was part of a team. Its convivial atmosphere reminded me of college.

(I love the repeat of this pattern)

Perhaps some of you read my post on synergy a few months ago. If you did, you can understand how starting a rock band also mimicked my life/design interests. Even the water-jet mosaic pieces themselves are a testament to the concept of connecting and fitting together harmoniously. I mean, individually, they’re just…well…chunks of rock. But together, look at what they can become:

So now I live out in the boonies again (on a west-facing beach, in a new modern house, in paradise) but thankfully we’re only eighteen minutes from the Cape Charles campus; Beau Monde, the “good world”.

8 Responses to “New Beau Monde for Ann Sacks”

  1. David Nolan says:

    great posts Sara – I love to hear the story behind the patterns. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and inspirations.

  2. Dave says:

    Another great post. The installation photos really show off the designs.

  3. All beautiful! Sample boards just can't show how stunning the tile is when it is installed.

  4. Your designs are absolutely beautiful and unique!

  5. Sara Baldwin says:

    Thanks everybody! Stay tuned for more cutting edge product development, profiled here first (because we can't get it all up on the webpage fast enough)…my New Ravenna team has a few more cards up our sleeves…

  6. These are awesome! My jaw fell ~ really it did.

    I was given the Blog Award, Kreativ Blogger, and had to choose 7 other blogs worthy of the award. You're one of my choices!

    Here are the Rules for this award:

    1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
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    7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they've been nominated

    That's it! Have a great day!

    Paula Grace

  7. Mapiurka says:

    Very nice designs!

  8. charm home says:

    Hi Sara, I'm so glad you enjoyed flipping through my blog. I have so enjoyed looking through your blog and seeing all the New Revenna designs. They are absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing some info about them in your comment. I'll have to stop into Renaissance when I get some free time. xo, Cristi

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