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#Mosaic Monday: How ’bout them apples?

As part of  our weekly Mosaic Monday exploration of  the mosaic artform, I came across the amazing work of Emma Karp Lundström.



She and her team of apple fitters (no, not apple fritters:) create giant billboard-sized mosaics of apples in Sweden’s Kivik Harbour to commemorate the opening of the Apple Market each fall.



New Ravenna creates works of art in mosaics.  Join us in our celebration of the mosaic artform on Twitter –  just follow @NewRavenna and watch for the hashtag #MosaicMonday.

One Response to “#Mosaic Monday: How ’bout them apples?”

  1. marina says:

    Gorgeous work, really amazing!

    I wonder if they used some kind of sealant on the apples?
    Or did they use them as they ripened to make vast oceans of applesauce?
    Id love to know when this happened – as I cant find a date and thank you for this, its really great.

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