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#Mosaic Monday: A Box of Crayons

Christian Faur’s earliest memories of making art involved the use of wax crayons: the distinct smell of the wax, the beautifully colored tips, everything still perfect and unused.

Through a novel technique, he is working with crayons once again.

mosaic art from crayons

In his new book, A Box of Crayons, showcases the crayon work he has created over the past two years.

These images are from a series “The Land Surveyors” created for solo show at the Kim Foster Gallery.

Because of the three-dimensional nature of the crayons, the individual surface images appear to change form as one moves about the gallery space. The images completely disappear when viewed from close up, allowing one to read the horizontally sequenced crayon text and to take in the beautifully colored crayon tips — all the while being reminded of that first box of crayons.

Fine art "mosaics" from crayons

Crayon "mosaic" art gallery show

“Faur starts out with photographs taken during the Great Depression as a reference to our current economic and social crisis. Portraits of anonymous individuals in desolate, empty landscapes make up a gallery of the powerful and the powerless. Inspired by Franz Kafka’s novel “The Castle” where the protagonist seeks to find work as a land-surveyor but gets caught up in the system’s bureaucracy, the title of the show serves as a metaphor for the impenetrability of a political system, that enables greed and corruption and leaves the individual at the whim of those in power.

Faur then reconstructs these grey WPA photographs with hundreds of differently colored crayons to give them back the lost color of their time. This idea is to be understood quite literally: although full color in film had been available in the 30’s, cost did not permit its use. The economic crisis had removed color not only metaphorically from everyday life experiences but also from the aesthetic possibilities of its times.”

fine art mosaics from crayons

"mosaic art" from boxes of crayons

New Ravenna creates glass and stone mosaics that are works of art.

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