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Modern Mosaics by Laura Gottwald

This is one talented woman.

Laura Gottwald is a designer who seems to know everyone. To call her a character is an understatement. We met through my dear friend Tucker Robbins at the Architectural Digest show a few years ago where she told me about a pietre dure line she was attempting to manufacture in India. Unfortunately, she was challenged by distance, stone variation, and very long time frames. Fast forward three years. Laura and I meet again, still no pietre dure line from India. However, this time I am able to offer our water jet technology which makesfabricating her designs infinitely easier. New Ravenna was able to send her prototypes within three weeks.

Stone Source has agreed to distribute them, and introduced them at ICFF this year. What do you think?

As you can see, Laura is a true modernist. These designs are intriguing individually, but it wasn’t until I saw how they appeared when repeated that I really appreciated them:

Wouldn’t they look great behind the front desk in a hotel lobby?
And look at what a difference the orientation of each approximately 6″ x 12″ unit makes (we will also be producing 12″ x 24″ units for Stone Source):

Even the simplest design “Groove” creates an incredibly sophisticated pattern when repeated:

Interior Design Magazine is featuring “Concentric” (below) in July–I haven’t seen it yet, but we L-O-V-E Interior Design. Laura knows Cindy Allen (of course) and flagged her down at ICFF while promoting her line in the Stone Source booth.

This particular color combo is fairly expensive because of all the stone tile that is left over (not to mention Laura and I both adore expensive stone colors). So I came up with these two options that have no waste:

Of course at New Ravenna everything is made-to-order, so you can substitute any colors you like. Coincidentally, my nine-year old daughter (who swears she is going to be a designer when she grows up) presented me with this the other day:

I think Laura would be proud. 

3 Responses to “Modern Mosaics by Laura Gottwald”

  1. Paul Anater says:

    I just read about these yesterday afternoon on Design Commotion. Fantastic! They are beautiful, smart and unlike anything I have ever seen before. As usual, I am blown away.

  2. Christine says:

    These look amazing. A whole new way to consider pattern. You are right the genius is in the repeat.

  3. Laura Gottwald says:

    You're so generous, Sara!
    Thank you!

    And, Gracie….love your painting. Makes my day!


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