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Mod Palm and Cean Irminger Featured in Utopia

The UK’s Utopia Magazine is a design inspiration go-to for kitchen and bath designers and home owners alike. Recently, they featured our Mod Palm, a hand-cut jewel glass mosaic in Verdite, Peridot, Malachite, Chrysocolla, Savorite, Cat’s Eye, Jasper, Schist, Tanzite, and Peridot with Moonstone background with a Sea Glass™ finish, and also highlighted a quote from New Ravenna creative director, Cean Irminger. Per Utopia, “research has shown that exposure to nature is good for our wellbeing; a connection with the outdoors makes us healthier and happier.” The answer to bringing the outdoors in is Mod Palm, the product of a collaboration between J. Banks Design and New Ravenna.

Of our inspirations, Irminger said, “Our muse has always been nature. More and more designers are incorporating scenes of nature and turning to textures reminiscent of tranquil landscapes.” Read more here. To see more Mod Palm in all its green glory, click here.

New Ravenna mosaics and products are available exclusively through more than 200 independent showroom partners across North America, Europe and the United Arab Emirates. In order to get the most accurate pricing information, samples, and the best possible service, you’ll need to contact the showroom closest to you.



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