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Martha Stewart and Sara Baldwin

Well, not exactly.

A few weeks ago, an idea that I thought was pretty, ahem, brilliant made it’s way into my Halloween skull.  Lately I’ve been fascinated by lights with designs punched into their shades…

What if, I thought, I used a cordless drill to make hundreds of holes in a pumpkin for a really beautiful Jack-O-Lantern?

So I went to borrow my boyfriend’s drill from his shop SouthEast Expeditions and shared this incredibly novel idea with my friend Lenore, who said, “Oh yeah, Martha Stewart did that last week on the Today Show”.

Oh well.  Slightly deflated, I soldiered on.

My daughter Grace, her friend Anna, and I first went to Appleseed Nurseries in Machigpongo to buy pumpkins.  Appleseed is one of those magical establishments that has “Mayberry” written all over it.  As you can see, it’s a feast for the eyes, and taking these photos made me happy that autumn is here.

Anna nurtures pumpkin punkin in the "nursery"

However, what I’m thinking now when I look at these photos is…how in the world did I let Grace out of the house dressed like that?  At barely 12, my size ten shoes almost fit her–and those are my boots on her feet.  (She is constantly dismayed by the size of her feet and is wont to exclaim “Mommy, when will my feet stop growing?  I can SEE them growing.”) Sigh.

In any case, we hauled our orange treasures home and went to work.

Gabby the Christmas puppy was very curious while Grace and Anna had fun with the pumpkin guts.

I busied myself by drilling a bazillion holes.

And…Ta-Da! Here they are at last, with Martha’s and mine in the center. (Seriously, check out the amazing pumpkins on her website.)

Finally, this is what I carved last year…you guessed it…a Union Jack-O-Lantern! Don’t worry, I won’t be entering any pumpkin carving contests anytime soon– but at least I entertain myself.

May your Halloween be filled with creativity, joy, and many treats!

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