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Lotty B is for Me

Or, How to Get Noticed on the Beach.

One of the best kept secrets of jet-setting women is anything made by Lotty B.

Last week I vacationed in the Virgin Islands (oh joy oh joy!). While strolling along one of the beaches, a woman literally ran up to me and gushed, “Who makes this cover-up? It’s the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen!”

This happens to me regularly–I’m not kidding–and believe me, it has nothing to do with my modeling ability (more accurately, inability).

It’s because I enjoy wearing my friend Lotty Bunbury’s line of sarongs, beachwear and clothing which is, bar none, the nicest I’ve ever seen, and is so flattering that walruses could wear it and look like sirens.

Nothing whispers “vacation” to me more clearly than one of Lotty’s wonderful creations. Featured on the right is one of the myriad photos that my talented boyfriend takes that chronicle our holidays, and true to form, I am standing on a beach, again, wearing one of Lotty’s caftans.

My ex-husband worked on Mustique for a few years, and that’s where I met the lovely and humble Lotty. She lives there with her four tan, beautiful children (when they aren’t away at school) and her husband who is the resident doctor on the very small island. (Her husband is very handsome. I had friends who would joke about what sort of illness or bug-bite they would pretend to have just so they could go see the doctor.)

While I’ve never heard her complain, it must be bitter-sweet to live on a glamorous but tiny island with very few permanent residents, even if Mick Jagger or Brian Adams comes to visit every once in a while. So how does an energetic and artistic woman entertain herself ? Apparently by starting a business creating hand-painted beach-wear and clothing. How’s that for resourceful?

Lotty began her business by perfecting her painting technique, then found a printer to create limited editions of each piece. Now, each year she introduces a new collection of designs and patterns and articles of clothing in various color pallets. Even though her work is sold online and in various boutiques, most is sold right there on the island of Mustique, and it’s not unusual to see parades of her clothing at the various dinner parties that occur nightly on the island, not to mention at the Firefly, a wonderful five star boutique hotel where everyone goes to get drinks at sunset.

Most of her things are offered in either charmeuse silk, or chiffon silk. Both are designed to be used and worn–mostly to the beach–not left in their boxes or only donned at cocktail parties. She explained to me how to easily hand-wash the pieces and then use them again and again. They’re incredibly durable. I’ve owned the one in the photo of myself and my daughter for about ten years.

One of the details that I love about her product are the rolled hems, like Hermes scarves that cost twice as much. In fact, Hermes, are you listening? You should team up with Lotty. She’s got it all–talent, brains, a great story, and a loyal following. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to be reminded of Lotty and her talents all year round!

I drafted her to design one of our Synergy panels (which now lives in my master bathroom) and she was gracious enough to oblige. You can see how these leopards are a translation of one of her designs above.

We displayed it at ICFF one year. The photo below does not do it justice. It is framed in bronze and would make a lovely table.

Name: Leopards Style: Contemporary Product Number: NRGFLEOPDES Description: Leopard in glass Chalcedony, Aquamarine, Quartz, Agate, Obsidian (New Ravenna Mosaics)

Click here for The Pink House website–her boutique on Mustique. Now we can buy direct!
Check out her site and more importantly, book mark it and come back in a few months to see what she comes up with next.

6 Responses to “Lotty B is for Me”

  1. OMG Sara ~ what a talent Lotty is. Her creations are gorgeous! I have to tweet this. It feels almost like a secret that needs to break free. I am going to her site. I hope you enjoyed your vacation. I must say I am terribly jealous (terribly) because I have wanted to go to a beautiful beach for quite some time now. I am forwarding this post to my husband and telling him I want to go to the Virgin Islands pronto!

    Paula Grace ~

  2. Sara Baldwin says:

    Paula, she IS a secret! If I didn't have a mosaic company to run, I'd be trying to work out how to team up with Lotty to market her beautiful things. She's basically an undiscovered genius. And who could possibly be better at designing beachwear than someone who lives at the beach!
    And yes, you should go to the beach asap! Doesn't your daughter have spring break soon?

  3. DesignTies says:

    Wow, Lotty's work is beautiful. If only wearing one of her cover-ups would make me as sexy as the models in the pictures!!

    I love how you interpreted her leopard drawing with tiles. The two of you would make a great mosaic team!!


  4. Sara Baldwin says:

    Thanks Kelly, and you will feel and look as sexy as those models in her things, I promise!

  5. Yell says:

    Inspiring !! Both your post and the artist featured to be precise. Textiles provide such inspiration for mosaics and, what is more, in your post you have the sea element. A real artist is involved in so many areas and is attracted by different forms of expression. We cannot escape from this and we need this. Your work with New Ravenna is wonderful. Hope to be able to feature some of your work on my blog.

  6. Grace Miller says:

    Wonderful post! These cover ups are unique. The beautiful designs and color are just awesome.

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