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Lead Times

Chinoiserie Sea Glass mosaic by Sara Baldwin Design for New Ravenna

Chinoiserie is a fully-customizable mosaic pattern and part of the SeaGlass™ Collection by Sara Baldwin Design for New Ravenna.

The intricate process of making a mosaic floor, wall, backsplash, medallion, mural, border, column, fireplace, etc. involves many steps and, sometimes, hundreds of thousands of tiny pieces of material. Through our company’s 25 years of experience, we’ve become a market leader in producing luxury mosaics of the highest quality. This year, we’ve sustained lead times of two to six weeks, depending on the project’s size and product combination.*

Your next project will enjoy these largely compressed lead times:

Mosaic patterns: 4 weeks

Field tile patterns: 3 weeks

Waterjet patterns: 3 weeks

Custom patterns: 5 weeks

Ready to Ship: 48 hours

Not only will your order ship in under 5 weeks, you’re also ordering with the confidence that comes with products made in the United States.

*Finishing techniques may incur an extended lead time of 1 – 2 weeks, depending on the complexity of the requirements. Orders >200 square feet will incur longer lead times. Please consult your New Ravenna account executive prior to committing a lead time to your client.

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