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Thanks Kitchen Clarity, by Clarity K

One of the highlight’s of last week’s KBIS for me was getting to meet Sara Baldwin, the founder and creator of New Ravenna Mosaics. I have to confess I am totally in awe of Sara – both for the beauty and artistry of her work, and because on top of that she owns and runs her own factory, responsible for all the employees at the Virginia plant where the exquisite stone and glass mosaics are handcrafted.

New Ravenna  introduced the Studio Line – a selection of classic New Ravenna patterns that are in stock and available within 48 hours. Today’s homeowners and remodellers are less likey to plan far ahead, and less willing to wait for the products they want, so the Studio Line gives them a collection of classic patterns for floors and walls as well as chair rails, pencil liners and base mouldings available for almost instant gratification. All of the elements in the collection have been designed to coordinate with each other in a palette of Cloud Nine, Paperwhite, Statuary Carrara and Ming Green marble – sure to make the decision process so much easier:

New Ravenna also introduced the Giovanni Barbieri collection – a collaboration with the Italian designer to produce a line with gorgeous undulating textures emulating ancient stone:

This collection is available for “instant gratification” too – but the beauty of working with artisans like New Ravenna is that if you have a little more time, you can specify different materials, color or finish, change the scale of the patterns, or order a completely custom design.

I can only show a few highlights here so be sure to check out the New Ravenna site for inspiration, examples, and especially Sara Baldwin’s design blog – full of glorious photography, and it’s not all tile, either.

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