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Jardins Français


We’ve been in Virginia, brimming with anticipation, anxiously awaiting the launch of our latest collection! We are honored to finally introduce our collaboration with the award-winning interior designer, Caroline Beaupere, and her debut mosaic collection, Jardins Français.

Caroline Beaupère’s travels and impressive career have taken her from Paris to New York, from Morocco to Italy. She has witnessed the mosaics of Antoni Gaudí’s Parc Güell in Barcelona and now has even ventured to Virginia’s Eastern Shore to design her own.

Staying true to her roots, Caroline designed the Jardins Français Collection for New Ravenna as a tangible translation of the acclaimed French gardens of her native home. Through this series of mosaics, Caroline reinterprets the natural beauty of the gardens while also paying homage to the structural architecture of their intricate pathways and ornate gates.

Caroline’s sensitivity and keen eye for detail is visible through her initial sketches of Jardin de Villandry, Jardin des Tuileries, and Jardin de Versailles.

Caroline traveled to New Revenna to develop the Jardins Français Collection with our team of in-house designers. During her visit, she sorted through our stone and glass options and hand-selected material combinations to reflect unique color palettes for each season.  In Caroline’s words, “I have always been moved by the light in France and how it changes throughout the year, affecting the gardens as it comes and goes.” Of course, it’s much more engaging to hear her describe her inspirations in her elegant French accent.

On the left, polished Carrara, brushed Aluminum, and Brillant Blue glass, the first version of Jardin de Giverny, with its bold use of color, is a vibrant reflection of the infectious summertime vitality Claude Monet so notably captured in his studied Impressionist paintings of his home and garden in Giverny, France. To the right, in polished Calacatta Gold and polished Thassos, is a more subdued version of the same design that emphasizes the quiet beauty of the Giverny gardens in the tranquil interlude of winter.

A force in the world of interior design, Caroline has developed a line that embodies her own unique style while offering a metaphorical Tour de France that reaches a wide audience. The delicate lily accent that is repeated in Fleur de Lys is reminiscent of the regal symbol of the former royal arms of France, making for a design that is pretty and petite, yet still packs a punch.  Her large format mosaics, including the grandiose Jardin de Versailles and the geometric Jardin de Villandry, command a room with the same arresting presence as the iconic palaces and châteaux of France.

Fleur de Lys (Left) is shown in polished Bardiglio, Calacatta Gold, and Brass. Jardin de Villandry (Right) is shown in polished, Thassos, Carrara, Calacatta Gold, and Afyon.

France, with its rich history and romantic savoir-faire, has played the role of muse for poets, painters, artists of all kinds for generations. With no shortage of inspiration from her homeland, it is no small wonder why Caroline chose to epitomize French gardens in all their splendor and individuality. But, why mosaics? As Caroline reveals, “I have been designing custom tile murals since I started my own design studio in 2005, creating accents and make stunning statements in bathrooms and kitchens. So, it was a natural progression for me to design my own tile collection. Wallpaper and textile are definitely coming next.”  The Jardins Français Collection for New Ravenna has been highly anticipated and we cannot wait to see what Caroline comes up with next.

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