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I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name…

Help. Our new collection needs a name.

I asked my nine-year old daughter what to name a New Ravenna line that consists mostly of black and white stones. She thought for a moment, then with a look of triumph on her face said, “I know the perfect name– BLIGHT!”.
Kids really do have a way of lightening the mood, don’t they?

We show this stone mosaic line in mostly white marbles, with some gray and black thrown in for good measure and drama, but of course you can specify any stone we stock, in a polished or honed finish. We even have a COM program if you’d like to send us your own material to cut up and use.

The above white on white combinations in Calacatta and Thassos work well on floors or walls. Check out how the sample on top repeats–this is a four foot by six foot section:

The next pattern can read very modern, in black almost goth, but it was actually inspired by architectural molding in a ceiling and could just as easily work in a traditional application–as you can see, changing the color changes the tone:

Here is an illustration of how we can easily change the scale of a pattern to suit it’s application:

This year we made good use of our groovy water-jet machines–they allow us to cut almost any material into almost any shape you can imagine (by using a high pressured stream of water), and cost as much as a Lamborghini. However, our prices for these water-jet patterns are very competitive–in fact, one of our main goals is to beat all of our competition’s pricing, and our feedback so far seems to prove that we have.

Quote from one of our distributors:

“The New Ravenna boards (both glass and stone mosaic) were definitely the most interesting new products that we saw at the [Coverings] show and we are enthusiastic about promoting them and getting the tools”.

Any of our patterns can be fabricated from glass as illustrated above. More on the glass in a later post, but we are encouraged by the compliments.

This is Jaqueline, a design inspired by a $15,000 lace wedding dress. You’d have to buy a LOT of our tile to equal that sort of outlay…and you’ll use it more than once, and look at that texture! We tumbled these shapes to ease the edges for a velvet-like feel.

Because everything at New Ravenna is custom and made to order, we almost never make the same color combo twice. Being able to envision color changes in designs is of paramount importance, and we’re hoping that our black, white and gray color scheme will make this easier.

We were thinking that perhaps a name that refers to black and white photography or cinema would work. The designs certainly are glamorous. But we don’t want to alienate the farmhouses of the world since some patterns are very transitional. And while we love Kelly Wearstler and her aesthetic, we don’t necessarily want to be pigeonholed there either.Some of our other collections have been called “Metamorphosis” and “Synergy”. Lately, I like the word “magnetic” and of course there’s “alchemy” which is probably overused. So please please give us some suggestions! Thank you in advance– I know we’ll come up with something perfect.

18 Responses to “I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name…”

  1. How about “Allure” or “Prestige” to bring in the glamor? Or even “Charisma”?

  2. Sara,
    I love the new line!
    Will think of some names.


  3. karen mack says:

    how about bringing in the glamour of the stars of today vs yesteryear…”Nicolette”, “Katie”…the ones that embody a sense of self.

    Or, to go a different route, tweak from the current story Twilight so appropriate for black and white…pretty much defines their lives but they are also beautiful so it fits

    you can thank me with borders.

  4. karen mack says:

    or simplicity itself


  5. karen mack says:

    or maybe the other way around to avoid confusion with the convenience store


  6. Sara Baldwin says:

    I like “Twilight”! Hmmmm.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hmmmm ….. I am seeing passages of Italian palazzi, bazaars in Marakesh ….. and that Edie design, which seems almost hommage to Buddhist temple art …. I was thinking more something that unifies so many design elements from Europe, Asia, North Africa – maybe “Paradiso”? Different meaning for different cultures, but the idea of unfolding fullness, growing enlightenment, perfection is constant. I like the reference to Dante’s third volume, too – Dante’s time already looked forward to the explosion of the Renaissance, and so many of the designs recall that Golden Age. I am very proud to work for a company that can dream up designs so sophisticated.

  8. Loooooving everything seen above! :) I’m horrible at coming up with names though. I am liking ‘twilight’ as you said above

  9. Karen Fowler says:

    These designs are all perfectly balanced, and have a Yin/Yang sort of feel to them- with their dual natures. I can't come up with any Buddhist/ eastern philosophy words, other than samsāra (cycle of reincarnation), that would work right now.

    Perhaps something that highlights their symbiotic relationships…words that come to mind include: Equilibrium, Harmony, Poise (balance & elegance), dichotomy, Divergence (Reminds me of Thoreau, and choosing the path that makes all the difference)

    That's all I've got.. it's Monday afterall :-)

  10. Paul Anater says:

    How about Cimbrone? The Villa Cimbrone is now a grand hotel in Ravello but it started in the 11th century as a grand home. The Villa and the town it sits in is a one stop shop for the history of western art. Classical, Moorish, Renaissance, Baroque and Modern influences are all over the place and they compliment one another perfectly, just like your new collection.


  11. Mary Harris says:

    These remind me of black & white photographs that are full of the mystery of times gone by. "Nostalgia" comes to mind. Or "Sophisticate". Very classy.


  12. Dutchbaby says:

    When I saw the first photo I immediately thought “Pop Art”, or even “Op Art”, but that name does not work for the more traditional patterns. I also thought “Shades of Grey” is nice but obviously limiting.

    I think Karen Fowler’s suggestion of “dichotomy” is the very best.

  13. Karen Fowler says:

    Oooh… I was trying to think of something along the lines of what Mary suggested, and everything I could come up with is over done (Monochromatic, etc.) Then I forgot about the photography and jumped to Art History 101—-

    *Chiaroscuro*– term in art for a contrast between light and dark.

    Wiki says “The term is usually applied to bold contrasts affecting a whole composition, but is also more technically used by artists and art historians for the use of effects representing contrasts of light, not necessarily strong, to achieve a sense of volume in modeling three-dimensional objects…”

  14. tile noir, after the black and white film genre. gorgeous work, complimenti!

  15. Why not "Blanco y Negro" after the very popular drink from Spain which is a mixture of coffee with vanilla ice cream. : )

  16. Wow, these are brilliant!!!!!

  17. Sara Baldwin says:

    How about "Tabula Rasa" or, clean slate? Just suggested today! comments anyone?

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