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Introducing the Broad Street Collection

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OMBRE TATAMI, designed by New Ravenna


IN 1991, Sara Baldwin was a 20-something, toddler-toting entrepreneur who decided to put her master’s degree in fine arts to practical use. A long-time admirer of mosaics, she seized the opportunity to put a modern spin on the ancient technique by making mosaics for high-end residences and commercial buildings. She and a small team of artists designed and made the mosaics by hand in the rural town of Exmore, Virginia — and there, New Ravenna was born. Soon after, the young mother’s business grew out of the shop they were working in, and she bought almost all the buildings on Broad Street in Exmore, breathing new life into spaces that had been sitting vacant for years. In the same sense, New Ravenna has continued to rejuvenate a practice thousands of years in the making in the same location of the company’s humble beginnings. Hence our latest collection’s name – our home – Broad Street.

More than 25 years later, we are still designing and manufacturing mosaics in those buildings in Virginia and shipping them globally. Broad Street, a heritage collection, pays tribute to the legacy that artists, designers, customers, and suppliers have helped us create. Interior designer Joni Vanderslice, textile designer Kevin O’Brien, artist Gail Miller, and our very own creative director, Cean Irminger, collaborated with our design team to give their  artwork a new life in glass mosaic.

Cean says of the Broad Street collection, “our muse has always been nature. In this collection, we took scenes and patterns from the outdoors and interpreted them using styles from different artistic periods such as Impressionism, Art Deco illustration, and Realism.”

All these designs can be fully customized to suit your specification. Samples and quotes for these mosaics can be requested from any of our showrooms.

MOD PALM is the first tile design by award-winning interior designer Joni Vanderslice. Vanderslice, owner and founder of J. Banks Design, is known for her skill of blending contemporary and traditional styles in both residential and hospitality design. The idea for Mod Palm stemmed from a personal photograph and takes on an entirely new dimension in mosaic.

WATERWEB, designed by New Ravenna


An ombre expanse of textured branches and leaves, designed by Kevin O’Brien.
Creative director Cean Irminger designed this mosaic in a playful vintage art deco style.

PYTHON, designed by New Ravenna

BLACK POOL, an original acrylic painting by artist Gail Miller, is the perfect blend of serene, eye-catching, and moody. For this collaboration, we interpreted her artwork into two styles of glass mosaic.

Inspired by the lush greens used in vertical gardens, this glass mosaic “living wall”, designed by New Ravenna, maintains its vibrancy year-round without the upkeep requirements of live plants (plants, we still love you).


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