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Interiors & Sources | Sea Glass™

Sea Glass™ was so nervous for her exclusive interview in this month’s Interiors & Sources magazine, but we think she did a great job!

Some of our favorite Q&A’s from the interview:
Interiors and Sources (I&S): What was your first big break?
SeaGlass™ (SG): When Sara Baldwin decided she couldn’t resist the temptation to turn me into a beautiful mosaic.

I&S: What’s the rumor mill churning out about you these days?
SG: People fell my silky, satiny smooth surface and insist I couldn’t possibly be natural. Walk on glass?!? Yes, you can.

I&S: What’s the worst part about fame?
SG: Actually, it is not so bad. The more people step on me, the more beautiful I become. If it gets a bit overwhelming, I just head off to Virgin Gorda to soak up the sun, ride a few waves, and build sand castles.

I&S: What’s your next starring role?
SG: There is talk I will be the next Sports Illustrated cover model.


Click here to read the full “interview”.

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