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Latest innovations in decorative and glass tile products

From an original post in Stoneworld By Jennifer Adams

No matter what the design style, decorative and glass tile are an ideal way to add punch to a living space or commercial project. These tile products are offered in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures — providing limitless options for diversified tastes. Whether used sparingly as an accent or abundantly for entire wall and floor applications, decorative and glass tile offer a creative solution for a fresh design. This just a sampling of the newest product lines to hit the market!

“Jacqueline” by New Ravenna. A hand-crafted mosaic tile in jewel glass offered in three colorways: White, Blue and Green (pictured). The Green features leaves and flowers in ruby, sardonyx, olivine and malachite. Each piece of glass is cut by waterjet and assembled by hand.

Name: Jacqueline Style: Contemporary Product Number: CB1010 Description: Jacqueline in glass Ruby, Sardonyx, Citrine, Olivine, Malachite (New Ravenna Mosaics)

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