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Ikat Love: JL Styles blog

A little Ikat Love from JL Philbrook:

“I know I’ve shared my love for “Ikat” print with you before, but it has officially been taken to the next level! Check out these new tiles from New Ravenna Mosaics. Can you say AMAZING?!”

One Response to “Ikat Love: JL Styles blog”

  1. Share Pyar says:

    All about Ikat/Double Ikat Fabric & Patterns
    Any fabric lover would possess a prized collection of exquisite Ikat fabrics. What makes Ikat so special? Is it the complexity of the weaving process or is it the perfect blend of fuzziness and symmetry in each segment of the fabric? Perhaps everything put together! The purity of the fabric, the intricacy of the patterns speak for themselves.


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