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Hospitality Design: Giovanni Barbieri Recycled Tile




It’s a painstaking process to make environmentally and technologically cutting-edge designs look beautifully timeworn—but it’s a trend we’re seeing more frequently as design moves away from a polished, formal look to one of casual, lived-in comfort. There’s something pleasingly familiar about a space that looks weathered, and when hospitality spaces want to capture this aesthetic without the significant time it takes for materials to age naturally, enter such purposely timeworn products as DuChateau’s Heritage Timber collection; Timeworn Bricks, a collection of handcarved stone from New Ravenna Mosaics; or even a stunning standalone tub from William Holland made from aged copper. If you want a space that looks beautifully mature—like it’s been around forever—check out a few of these products.

Timeworn Bricks by New Ravenna Mosaics is a collection of handcarved stone, designed to evoke a softly aged, sophisticated feel.



Giovanni Barbieri – Images by New Ravenna Mosaics

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