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Gorgeous Tile from New Ravenna Mosaics!

From an original post by Jessica Bonness of JGB Interiors for Paint It What I Tell You

This week I have a project in construction that is using a lot of tile from New Ravenna Mosaics, a business based in the Eastern Shore of Virginia. A sustainable, local, and woman-owned small business that has an INCREDIBLE product can be a rare fine, but New Ravenna is doing it with ease, and I love what they’re doing. Some of my favorites are Baby Venus, Djinn, Promenade Mini, and Des Cerceaux.

This master bath I’m currently working on has a lot of “Del Greco,” which is a gorgeous geometric marble that features both honed and polished tiles: a classic but modern neutral that is anything but boring.

Del Greco shown in Cloud Nine honed and polished mixed (New Ravenna Mosaics)

The “cloud nine” color marble exhibits a lot of peach and olive undertones that pair so well with the brushed bronze finish we’re using for fixtures.  This might be hard to see, but I’m sure some of you with very trained eyes can glean the color variation from the picture. I’m so excited for the completed room to be unveiled, and can’t wait to share it!

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2 Responses to “Gorgeous Tile from New Ravenna Mosaics!”

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  2. amy says:

    Could you post a photo of the finished Cloud nine bathroom. I’d love to see it. Thanks.

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