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Frequently Asked Questions

New Ravenna Mosaics frequently receives telephone calls and e-mails with questions about our products. We hope this page provides the fastest answer to the questions we hear most often.

Generally most product related questions can be answered by the showroom in your area that represents New Ravenna Mosaics.

Are you open to the public?

No. New Ravenna Mosaics is a designer/manufacturer. Over 200 individual showrooms throughout the United States and Canada represent us.  You can visit any one of these with your questions. Check with the individual dealer to see if an appointment is required.

What should I bring with me when I visit a showroom?

Please bring plans, pictures or other ideas of items in which you are interested. This will enable the Sales Associate/Designer to better assist you. You may also print or email designs directly from this website.

Do I have to work with a designer or an architect?

Working with an interior designer or an architect is not required but can prove to be very helpful.

Can I change materials or colors in the designs shown on your website?

Absolutely! You can substitute glass in designs depicted here in stone and vice versa, and all colors can be substituted to suit your application. Also, all of our designs can be changed as you wish and customized to fit your specific requirements. You can view and download a copy of our color charts under the menu heading “Design Tools

What finishes are available for New Ravenna Stone Mosaics?

There are a variety of finishes available: polished, honed, tumbled and hand-chopped tumbled. Your local dealer can describe in detail the aesthetic nuances of any of these finishes.

Will the cost of the product differ based on different stone or glass selections?

The cost is based on the materials chosen, so there could be an increase from the “standard” or pictured design, but conversely the cost could go down. It solely depends on your material and color choices.

Do you install your mosaics?

We do not install our mosaics. You should engage an installer in your locality. Most likely the showroom from which you purchase the product can offer suggestions.

Can I purchase products from your website?

Presently, we do not offer online purchases.

I saw a New Ravenna product advertised in a magazine – how can I get more information?

Many of the magazine advertisements can be found here on the website, under the menu heading “New Ravenna News”, in Advertisements. Or take the magazine ad with the name, month and page number to your local showroom dealer and they will be able to help you. Please be able to describe the product in detail.

How can I get a New Ravenna catalog?

Please see the most current New Ravenna Mosaics catalogs which you can flip through under the menu heading, “Catalogs”.

Does New Ravenna ship to international locations?

Yes, check with your local showroom dealer for details.

Which showroom is closest to me?

Please find the showroom nearest to you by visiting our showrooms page.

How can I get a sample of a design that I like?

Please visit your local showroom to obtain samples.

How can I place an order?

Please visit your local showroom to place an order.

How do you accept payment?

All financial transactions are made with the local showroom. Please check with them to see what types of payment they accept.

What are shipping costs?

Shipping costs are determined by the weight, quantity (volume) and destination of the product. Actual costs can only be determined when the product is ready to ship.

How will my material ship and how will it be delivered?

Your showroom sales associate will be able to provide this information after you have placed the order. Generally New Ravenna can accommodate most shipping requests.

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