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For the Birds

When visitors arrive at New Ravenna, it is not unusual for them to encounter various non-human mammals, and I’m not talking about ‘in mosaic form’. I always brought my German Shepherd to work with me (alas, no more, “Neo”… RIP January 2009, still makes me weepy) and now occasionally my boyfriend’s chocolate lab “Chinook” accompanies me to work. (New Ann Sacks’ board behind Chinook’s nose.)

Some areas in New Ravenna are very pet-friendly! A typical Labrador, Chinook especially loves the trash cans.

Employees occasionally show up with pets in tow and somehow this privilege is not abused. However, one day I was surprised to hear that an employee had brought a bald eagle to work.

I bet there are very few employers in the world who could truthfully say that.

This is (camera-shy) Cathy Cummings, and she is the Wonder Woman in charge of mounting and grouting all those concept boards we make at New Ravenna. She is a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator (one of two we employ) and sometimes the animals that these amazing human beings rehab need around-the-clock care.

If that occurs, it is not unusual to see Cathy or Jodie Sokel (Account Rep, below) with a box of baby birds under their desk. Or baby orphan raccoons.

Or, an injured mallard duck. Or, a crate full of baby great-horned owls.

AWWWW. I know Great Horned Owls are supposed to be fierce and I certainly respect that, but these guys are just…comical, aren’t they? And what mother could resist responding with that age old instinct that they elicit (at least in me):

Them: We’re helpless babies, FEED ME FEED ME FEED ME.

Me: AWWWWWW. Where are my field mice? I must go find some field mice and chop them up for my babies!

All rehabilitated wildlife is returned to the wild as soon as it can care for itself. For more info on Eastern Shore wildlife rescue, see http://shorewildliferehab.com/.

Here are more snapshots of pets who regularly visit:

This is Eliza, who went through an awful rehab of her own after a fight with a car that she did not win. (She has completely mended.)

And here we have Piper, who owns our marketing director, Christine Campbell.

Below is a visiting puppy.

And finally here is Hondo, a company corgi/mascot owned and operated by Mary Harris, Human Resource Director Extraordinaire:

You might recognize the above photo from this post. While I was making a valiant effort to chronicle some of our new offerings, Hondo kept lying on them. No matter, you couldn’t ask for a nicer model.

11 Responses to “For the Birds”

  1. Paul Anater says:

    Great post. It's your company in a nutshell. Great job you do, all around.

  2. Christine says:

    Sara, You said it right when you said Piper owned me. Too funny! She owns the bed, the sofa, and absolutely my desk chair. Great post. We do love our animals here.

  3. Meredith says:

    Ok, wow, what a great human touch to New Ravenna for all to see!

  4. gonesailin says:

    This is great Sara. Chinook looks very happy in her perch, and I want to come see all the birds.

  5. Love it! We are big animal lovers here too, four dogs and two cats…And our four dogs (two shelties, a shih-tzu and a pomeranian) can be found in our design studio every day…It makes for a very happy work environment (except when the UPS guy pulls us!)

  6. Sara Baldwin says:

    AWWWW. Sounds like I'd be right at home in your studio! I do love my dogs…all shapes and sizes!

  7. How wonderful is this post?! It seems that your place is a part time center for animals in need. That is lovely!

    I am dying for you to join my Timeless Tuesday. The premise is timeless beauty in various forms of design and art ~ that's you through and through. I really want folks whose talent I love and admire to link up because that is who I want to promte. Again, that's you. You don't need to write a special post ~ just link one of the posts you already have that shows your great work.

    It happens each Tuesday (I usually post it Monday night). Here is this weeks link ~ http://paulagracedesigns.blogspot.com/2010/02/timeless-tuesday-three.html.

    I hope you become a regular :)

    Paula Grace ~

  8. DesignTies says:

    Love it!!!! I bet if every workplace allowed employees to bring their pets to work with them, there would be a lot more happy workplaces and happy employees :-)

    It's wonderful that two of your employees are wildlife rehabilitators. I'm a big animal lover, and it makes me so happy to see people helping animals :-)


  9. I agree with this. My girls can bring their pets in and we have a resident cat. Makes for a better workplace!

  10. Sara Baldwin says:

    Kelly, AB Home interiors, yes, the more pets the merrier, is my philosophy. Definitely helps with the stress levels here!

  11. Anonymous says:

    "Owned and operated by Mary Harris?" Wait a minute. . . . Isn't Mary Harris owned and operated by Hondo??

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