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Floored in Texas

or, Dallas Airport Mosaics, etc.

I seem to be routed through the Dallas airport regularly these days. While sprinting from flight to flight, it sure was a nice surprise to find these wonderful works of art on the floor of the “D” terminal.

This next one is a series of puzzles–can anyone figure out the code in the bottom photo? I’ve given up.

This last 20 foot diameter mosaic is by an artist named Billy Hassel. I haven’t had time to research all the artists to share info here, but I did email Nancy Pipgrass at Mosaic Art Now to suggest an article on them for her gorgeous magazine.

Not to be outdone, the photo below is from the Atlanta airport. Ever patient, my boyfriend didn’t even remind me that we were about to miss our connection because of my iphone photo snapping.

Here’s a non-airport mosaic photo. It’s a glass mosaic trellis pattern (below) that we developed exclusively for Renaissance Tile and Bath–the installation is located in a round room close to the entrance of their showroom in Dallas. The tub was unfortunately located in another part of the showroom until Julie, the showroom manager, and I decided to be creative with our photo-styling.

So now mosaic lovers amongst you have lots of reasons to visit Dallas, Texas. I’m looking forward to Nancy’s article so I can learn more about the airport mosaics.

6 Responses to “Floored in Texas”

  1. These are wonderful. I bet you stopped dead in your tracks when you saw them. I would. I wonder in the 'code' are people's initials that worked on the installation?? That would be very cool to have one's initials as a permanent piece of art. I love the one you developed but I love all your creations.

    Thank you for joining Timeless Tuesday!

    Paula Grace ~

  2. Hi : I had seen you over at Paula's last Tuesday and meant to write a comment here! These are just such wonderful designs: the large circle with the egret is amazing. What a nice change to have in an airport!
    Hope you're going to post again this week???

  3. lu20 says:

    The letters are airport codes… : ))
    For example:
    GIG is galeao – rio de janeiro – brazil
    yul is Montreal – quebec – Canada …

    I loved the pics… great inspiration for a beginner like me.

  4. Sara Baldwin says:

    OHHHHHHH… Thanks for clearing up that mystery for me! i wonder if they're oriented so they point in the general directions of the cities?

  5. Coincidentally, I've found a few beautiful finishes in the Dallas airport myself. Will have to look those up. I have not seen the mosaics but the pics are so beautiful — what a magical discovery it must have been for you! (…and thank you, codebreaker!) Have a great day, Sara!

  6. Stuart says:

    You can find out about the artists here:


    The airport codes don't seem to be geographically oriented. I'm not enough of a geek to be able to figure if there is a further hidden message.

    Here's what the artist (Pamela Nelson) says about the work:

    "The Destination Game uses a variation of the traditional Parcheesi game board to move the passenger to the center. The three-letter airport codes for international destinations are spaces along the way.

    "DFW is the only domestic airport. The colors are bright and intense, recalling childhood board games. Children may enjoy walking the maze into the center. Adults may enjoy deciphering the airport codes.

    "The Destination Game is offered to be played or to be seen as a symmetrical geometry. It is to be remembered that the essential purpose of all journeys is to eventually come home."

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