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Everything you’ve wanted to know about the Perennial Program

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Wondering what the Perennial Program is all about? Well, we first launched the Perennial Program in 2011 as a way for our partners to better identify themselves with the New Ravenna brand. We believe that each project that comes into our studio is an opportunity to create art from the ground up and we want to provide you with the best tools to make sure you get exactly what you want from your mosaic project: the best customer service, accurate samples, manageable lead times, and a beautiful end product.

Through this paid program, dealers who subscribe yearly ($2700/year; billed in quarterly installments of $675) receive an exclusive set of benefits:

– 8 new concept boards per year. You can pick 8 concept boards of any design, “new” or “old”. Sometimes we create something and it doesn’t become popular until 10 years later. Take Indus for example. When James Duncan designed this pattern for us in 2008, we knew we liked it, but we had no idea it would become our best selling pattern almost ten years later! So, if you see some things you love from our newest launch but you think your showroom ought to have a best seller as well, you’re free to mix it up. You can purchase additional concept boards at any time for $300 each.

– New ready to ship samples. Throughout the year, we add products to our ready to ship collection. To make sure you’re getting samples of these items, you’ll want to subscribe to the Perennial Program. Just this year, we’ve sent out concept boards of Delaunay, Hector Grand, Almeria, Simone, two colors of Twill, Bryce, Joie, Oasis, Pembroke, Lancaster Medium, and Jennifer. These are usually mounted and grouted 8×8’s, 10×10’s, and occasionally 19×19’s.

– Free digital rendering services. We did a blog post about digital rendering services so feel free to read more here. But basically, if you’re not a Perennial Program member, our color mockups are available with a charge. If you subscribe, you get unlimited color renderings for free!

– A direct line to your very own New Ravenna guru (a.k.a. account executive). Whether you’re placed with Adele, Roz, Sarah, Kati, or Lizzy, you’ll get to know your account executive by name very quickly since you’ll be calling and emailing one contact at our company for everything New Ravenna-related. We pride ourselves on customer service and want to make sure you’re in the best hands with the fastest turnaround time. From studying the client’s sample to the many exacting steps required to gain the final approvals of the mosaic to carry the New Ravenna name, we work as a coordinated team to ensure we have met your needs and created the art you desire.

– Discounted pricing on materials for showroom installation. We’ll give you 20% off any materials you order to display in your showroom.

– Referrals and listing on our website. We require active membership in our Perennial Program to display and advertise New Ravenna products and to be listed in the “Where to Buy” section of our website. The average state listing receives about 10,000 hits per month. We receive hundreds of inquiries a week via calls and emails and we constantly refer homeowners, designers, and contractors to Perennial Program showrooms.

– Marketing collaboration. We frequently feature our showrooms in print and digital media. We’ll be sure to give your showroom’s information to any magazines if they ask where a mosaic can be purchased in your territory.

– New print marketing materials

– Product training via webinar and in-person. Let us know when you have a new staff member or someone who needs to be more familiar with our products and we’ll schedule a one-on-one training with him/her.

Please note that your quarterly $675 invoice does not necessarily coincide with a shipment. Your invoice will be for “The Perennial Program”, not for boards or samples. If you’d like to pay the full program amount in one invoice you can request to do so — just let your account executive know!

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