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Is that Erin Adams in our Design Center?

erin adams

Erin Adams

When Erin Adams stepped back from mosaic manufacturing last year, many of her fans and customers knew that she would end up doing something wonderful… they just didn’t know where. All of that creative energy and the passion for innovation that have defined her career couldn’t just be bottled up and set on a shelf.

While Erin took a moment to assess the state of the industry, Sara Baldwin and her design team at New Ravenna Mosaics were riding a wave of collaborative inspiration that was born from the launch of our Synergy Line at the Coverings show in 2007.  As Sara describes it, “Synergy really started as an excuse for me to work with all of these wonderful friends I had made over the years.”  The initial idea was to create panels for the coverings show that not only demonstrated the artistic talent of the New Ravenna mosaicists, but also the potential of mosaic as a medium for designers in a diverse range of fields.

Sara was having so much fun working on these projects that she decided it just couldn’t end after Coverings.  Designs continued to flow in, and eventually several of James Duncan’s rug designs evolved into the first New Ravenna signature line.

Looking back it seems obvious that there was an opportunity brewing.  One of the most talented mosaic artists out there looking at a world of opportunity while the leading mosaic studio in the country is opening it’s design center doors to new perspectives and partners – Synergy indeed!

When the idea of inviting Erin to work with New Ravenna was first floated, Sara’s response was direct & simple. “That’s a great idea.  Let’s do it yesterday.”  Having known Erin for years, Sara felt that she would interact wonderfully with the New Ravenna design team, and “when we saw the opportunity to work with a designer with such a wonderful reputation as an innovator in the hard surfaces industry, it was something we simply had to make happen.”

In a firestorm of creative teamwork, Erin dove into her work in the New Ravenna Design Center and created a line that Sara describes as “extremely uplifting and positive”.  The color palette is inspired by smalti – the Byzantine Era glass tile that makes the ceilings sparkle in so many gorgeous churches throughout Europe.  “Erin really knows how to use color in a way that is bold without being overbearing.”  These are designs that make a statement without shouting at you.

From the continuous line designs inspired by Giorgio Morandi to the geometry of her “Cityscape” pattern, Erin Adams has once again found an outlet for her creativity, and all of us at New Ravenna are extremely excited to welcome her to her new home.  If you think it may be time to welcome a bit of Erin’s style to your home, you can find all 12 of her new designs at your nearest New Ravenna showroom.

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