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design:retail Features Cean Irminger’s, ‘The Glade’

design:retail is the industry’s leading resource for new trends, products and projects. The magazine is an incubator of thought-provoking ideas, encompassing a complete spectrum of coverage from the creative minds behind the latest brand projects down to the tiniest design details. In the “Surfacing” products section of their March issue, design:retail features products like wallpaper, vintage wood porcelain, textured veneer surfaces and, of course, tile! (See #3 in the digital magazine below.) The Glade, a hand-cut jewel mosaic, is part of the Broad Street collection for New Ravenna which boasts nine glass mosaics, all inspired by nature and created using a myriad of materials from Quartz, Opal, Agate, Moonstone and Alabaster to Lavastone, Pearl, Tortoise Shell, Peridot and Malachite, among others. Additional patterns include Black Pool, Python and Mod Palm. Check out the full Broad Street Collection here.

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