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Tucker Robbins

Tucker Robbins’s spiritual journey has taken many paths – from monk, to world traveler, to furniture designer. Sometimes called “modern primitivism,” his unique collection of furnishings combines superior design with ancient traditions.

He begins with a rough concept and then explains to a craftsman what he wants. “My interest lies in supporting the indigenous people on their own terms,” he says. “There’s not enough of the hand of the artist in a lot of modern design. But the hand of the artist is also disappearing in the third world. To introduce an element of humanity into environments that are modern and man-made reminds us who we are. It reminds us of our consciousness.”

When Sara purchased her first piece by Tucker a decade ago, she was astonished to learn that his family owned a farm just 15 minutes from New Ravenna’s studios. That bodes well for further collaboration between Tucker and Sara, like that seen in this Ever-Expanding Lotus panel.

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