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John Kelly

John Kelly

John Kelly Furniture & Accessories are  marked by a purity and deceptive simplicity of form and execution, an aesthetic he  developed as an architecture student at the  University of Pennsylvania.

“During the first five years, everything that I designed and produced was custom. Regardless of the client or project, what I  learned was that all designs begin with an  idea,” John reflects. “Once you understand  the vocabulary for expressing the idea, designing an entire range of furniture becomes  a lot like writing a story with different elements and personalities.”

In Mumbai, John was recently the keynote speaker and designer of the American  Designer’s Pavilion at the Index Furniture  Fair, where he spoke on the aesthetic and  environmental benefits of designing with  American hardwoods and on responsible  stewardship of forests.

Sara Baldwin met John Kelly when they  were in graduate school in Pennsylvania  and has been working collaboratively with  him ever since. “I took courage from John’s  business launch, and in fact, I used to borrow leftover pieces of wood from his workshop for mounting my early mosaics.” Fusuma, created with Sara, reflects John’s  affinity for stark, intriguing designs.

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