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James and Miriam Duncan


James and Miriam Duncan

After studying journalism in the United States and art in Italy, James Duncan joined the interior design firm of Thom Filicia Inc. and in 2005 launched his own line of contemporary furnishings with his wife Miriam, an interior decorator.

Their eclectic furniture and rug designs are inspired by memories of James’s formative years in Paris, Sotogrande, Jamaica, and Sri Lanka and Miriam’s childhood in Morocco. Their collaboration has given rise to motifs recalling the work of Emile Ruhlmann and Jean Michel Frank, among other designers. Recent travels to rural Africa have helped them re-imagine the influences that inspired Picasso and the Parisian modernists of the early 20th century. Reviewers have called their work “a sophisticated marriage of the modern, the exotic, and the classical.”

Sara met James and Miriam through fellow designer Tucker Robbins and immediately felt a kinship with their aesthetic sensibilities. They have collaborated on a number of projects,  including a collection of mosaics based on James’s rug  designs, and rugs basedon Sara’s mosaics. Indus is a mosaic rendering of one of James’s African-inspired rugs.

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