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Città Quick Specs

Q: I love it! But what’s up with the accent over the a? How do I say it?
A: Città’s pronunciation is similar to the feline “cheetah,” but with a greater emphasis on the last consonant, like “chi-tah”. The word means “city” in Italian and was named as an ode to the urban and natural lanscapes of the country and its native Calacatta stone.

Q: What are Città’s product specifications?
A: Each piece is 9 13/16 x 21 3/4 (or, 1.47 ft) and features a random, modular repeat

Q: What does each piece cost?
A: Wholesale price per piece: $117.60. Price per square ft: $80.

Q: What does each piece weigh?
A: 15 lb

Q: What does each piece (template and repeat) look like?
Citta 9 x 21 template

Q: What colors are available?
A: Currently, only Calacatta.

Q: What is the leadtime after sale?
A: Città is in stock now in Virginia and is ready to ship in 48 hours.

Q: Where do you recommend Città to be used?
A: Città is perfect for commercial applications (especially hospitality) but will also make a big impact in residential spaces. It’s only suitable for walls, but the pattern can be repeated vertically or horizontally in wet or dry areas.

Q: What is the pattern mounted on?
A: Each template is mesh mounted.

Q: I’ve never seen anything like this! Exactly how unique is this design?
A: New Ravenna has exclusive rights to Città’s design. We guarantee you won’t find anything similar from anyone else. As the demand for marble slab grows and becomes more expensive, this design will hold its value for decades.

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