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Sara Baldwin Design Blog

Or, Jaqueline. She’s multi-dimensional. First we introduced her in stone. Sporting a wonderful texture unique to New Ravenna, Jaqueline is equally […]
Or, Gourmet Tequila, the second best thing in Mexico after the Materials Marketing factory Once upon a time, I was […]
Or, Capitals, Columns and Cuervo Arguably the best source for stone architectural elements in the USA, Materials Marketing produces its incredible stone […]
Or, doe, a deer In one of my previous posts, I shared the fact that two of our employees are licensed […]
Branch Out. Or, Walk Softly. Judging by these headlines, obviously some of us at New Ravenna had a lot of fun at […]
This is a page from a 1999 issue of “New Ravenna News” (for us, the equivalent of blogging ten years […]
Or, what the Pro did In the last couple of weeks, Christine and I scrambled to put together some mosaic […]
Or, Thelma and Louise take Exmore. Since we are desperate for good photography, Christine (in charge of marketing, left) and […]
or, Dallas Airport Mosaics, etc. I seem to be routed through the Dallas airport regularly these days. While sprinting from […]
Or, How to Get Noticed on the Beach. One of the best kept secrets of jet-setting women is anything made […]
When visitors arrive at New Ravenna, it is not unusual for them to encounter various non-human mammals, and I’m not talking […]
Kelly Morisseau is now the proud winner of the best book on Roman African mosaics ever printed (see my last blog […]
or, Rome: If you want to, part II Come on, sing it with me! New Ravenna introduced a texture in 1996 […]
People often ask what inspired me to found New Ravenna. A part of the answer lies in a trip to the […]
My friend James Stuart Duncan is a truly talented product developer who works with New Ravenna.’s one thing to be a good designer, […]
Or, Lions and Tigers and…Zebras! This is one of my first mosaics a la 1992. was made from porcelain […]
Clients have been asking for New Ravenna borders to go with our new fields for some time now. One of the things […]
Or, Beau Bond. (sorry) New Ravenna fabricates a newly expanded line of mosaics called Beau Monde for Ann Sacks–more display boards just arrived in each […]
Recently I returned from a trip to the left coast–southern California–and I stayed with dear college friends. I met the […]
Or, Back in Black: Redecorating the Studio with Sara. Mosaic factories by their very nature are dusty and full of clutter–all […]
This is one talented woman. Laura Gottwald is a designer who seems to know everyone. To call her a character is […]
Two postings back I requested a name for our 2009 black, gray and shades of white collection. Did I ever […]
Exciting things are happening at New Ravenna these days… We launched our new glass line at Coverings in Chicago–preliminary samples and chip […]
Help. Our new collection needs a name. I asked my nine-year old daughter what to name a New Ravenna line that consists […]
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