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Or, Kevin O’Brien Piglet Give-away When people ask how the name “New Ravenna” came to be, I find myself flashing […]
When trying to figure out how to prop our lovely Tamara panel for it’s close-up, I turned to my friend […]
with a little help from my New Ravenna friends. One afternoon at about 5 minutes til 5:00, I sent out […]
We’ve been busy! A big THANK YOU to all the folks who sell and buy New Ravenna products–we wrapped up a stellar […]
Almost exactly one year ago I received a text message from my assistant and New Ravenna Human Resource director Mary […]
It gives me great pleasure to announce a sales tool upgrade–we have a new catalog! For years, whenever one of […]
Well, not exactly. A few weeks ago, an idea that I thought was pretty, ahem, brilliant made it’s way into […]
Although some people would debate the sanity part. New Ravenna is a busy place, and although it can be exhilarating, sometimes […]
Or, Giovanni Barbieri + New Ravenna One of the finest visionaries in the surfaces world is Giovanni Barbieri. I met Giovanni at […]
Sometimes we fabricate a concept board in unique colors and it gets sent to a showroom, never to be seen […]
Dietrich works in our shipping department. Today we are happy to announce that, after a stint in the hospital,Dietrich is back at […]
Or, Back in the UAE, part three Have you ever had an experience so glorious that you relive it almost […]
Or, Have your cake and eat it too–in a virtual kitchen. Tell me if you don’t recognize yourself or your […]
Some of you might remember my 11 year old daughter Gracie’s oft repeated pleas for her 11th birthday: a cell […]
And you may ask yourself, “How did I get here?” Recently I had some of the best adventures of my […]
Ok, you asked for it…more Ready-to-Ship products! There are about 25 blog posts I want to write, many of them […]
Or, The Little Engine that Could. So here’s one of my favorite new New Ravenna patterns of 2010. These days I’m likely […]
Today I continue my quest to justify the fact that I was claiming to be “working” while inaly. Forthwith […]
Or, How to Lactate in Style This is my favorite photo from my “working” trip toaly.’s a detail […]
My job includes many perks, but probably the best one is getting to write off trips toaly because of […]
Or, How to get your mom to take you toaly. First off, my handsome boyfriend Dave took this shot […]
Or, how to make a kitchen sexy. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, my sister Ellen (who helped start New Ravenna) carves […]
Or, an egg-ceptional recipe. Friends of mine recently renovated their kitchen. Richard and Dr. Frances Williams are an eccentric couple, and I think […]
Or, Capitals, Columns, and Cuervo, Parte Tres. So after touring the Mexico City airport, which is becoming a full time […]
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