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Here’s a mosaic of the best of this year’s #Mosaic Monday posts – they’ve been great fun to seek out […]
Happy Holidays from New Ravenna! We have a copy of our glossy new Design Portfolio to give away to a lucky […]
This art mosaic installation by artist Sarah Frost at PPOW gallery caught my eye because on first glance, it reminded me […]
One World, One Family, One Coffee This mosaic mural in progress  – the Saimir Strati Coffee Bean Project uses approximately one […]
While traveling by plane for the holidays this past week, did any of you have a window seat and happen […]
As part of  our weekly Mosaic Monday exploration of  the mosaic artform, I came across the amazing work of Emma Karp […]
In the spirit of Halloween, here’s an ancient mosaic from The Pompeian Collection of the Archaeological Museum of Naples. Memento […]
Christian Faur’s earliest memories of making art involved the use of wax crayons: the distinct smell of the wax, the beautifully […]
The variety of art created in mosaic style never ceases to amaze me.  Scott Gundersen creates portraits from wine corks […]
Steve Jobs epitomized reinvention.  It is fitting that the “mosaic” below is reinvented from the parts of a MacBook.  In […]
Artist Sandhi Schimmel Gold upcycles her junk mail to create treasure from what would otherwise end up as trash: “My […]
Join @NewRavenna on Twitter for #MosaicMonday where we explore interesting art “mosaics” every week. Shoe brand Melissa launched their autumn/winter […]
Subscribe to New Ravenna News for updates on the world of mosaic tile, and a little fun with art mosaics. […]
OK, we all love money, or at least great things it buys, but Mark Wagner elevates simple currency into art, […]
Inspired by a recent Tile Envy post, I thought I share this wonderful mirror mosaic boot with shocking pink fur! […]
Mosaic art from billboards – Follow @NewRavenna on Twitter for “mosaics” reinterpreted weekly Urban French artist Thomas Louis Jacques Schmitt […]
Pictorial DNA by artist Eric Dhaig.  Join @NewRavennaUSA on Twitter for interesting “mosaic” art finds weekly. Pixelated “mosaic” portraits created […]
This week for #MosaicMonday we came across mixed media artist Mark Khaisman who creates stunning “mosaics” from layering packaging tape […]
On Twitter if you follow @NewRavenna, you may have come across the hashtag #MosaicMonday or #TileTuesday.  Please join us and […]
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