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California Clients

Recently I returned from a trip to the left coast–southern California–and I stayed with dear college friends. I met the handsome male half of the couple the first week of my freshman year at the University of Pennsylvania, and I’ve known his brilliant, beautiful, blond wife for over 20 years as well. They regularly include New Ravenna in their home renovations. As you can see, they are especially good at specifying our mosaics for their outdoor projects:

Charleston 8 1/2" with Basketweave and 2" x 6" bricks (New Ravenna Mosaics)

In this seating area around a fireplace (to the right, outside of the photo) she used a simple Charleston border and basketweave field combination to create an outdoor mosaic “rug” – so clever, yet almost never done. Here’s another area in the same back yard:

Tatami installed vertically and all the way down to the seat makes for a great textural change in the jacuzzi:

The pool border is a wave pattern in bardiglio and blue bahia:

I wish I had an overview shot to share. It’s got to be one of the most gorgeous back yards in California.

Luckily for me, I got to actually see these installations in person. Which means I could actually photograph them. Connecting with our customers in order to procure inspiring photographs is always challenging:New Ravenna sells to a showroom, they usually work with a designer or architect, and then the product is sold to the home-owner. You can see that navigating this path could be cumbersome, so it is a treat when I get to lay my eyes on an installation of our work. There is a special place in heaven for showroom sales staff that email us photos of installed work!

Inside, they also recently updated the kitchen and included some of our water jet patterns:

Here’s another novel application of mosaic: an inlaid water jet pattern in an island.

For a feature over the stove, they added a pattern that coordinates:

Next, they are renovating their master bath…I’ll keep you posted!

3 Responses to “California Clients”

  1. Christine says:

    I have never seen a border cut into a kitchen island. What a wonderful idea. It really makes the backsplash more of a suite of design.

    And so in love with the look of the two mosaics in the pool, the modern vertical tatami at the overflow and the more traditional wave at the waterline. The texture of the marble looks great with the warmth of the stone. LLL-Love it!

  2. Meredith says:

    Love the idea of cutting the border into the island. What beautiful installation shots and inspiration!

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