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Benvenuti a Cersaie

Cersaie – to those of us in the tile world this is like Fashion Week in Paris.  Fabulous products displayed in fabulous settings for fabulous people to ooh and ahh over .

Sara Baldwin checking out the scene at Cersaie

Everywhere you look there are innovative new designs in ceramic, stone, and glass. Around each corner you find designers, architects, artists and artisans talking about and looking at the newest products from all of the top brands.

But at Giovanni Barbieri’s booth they’re doing something more.   They are reaching out and touching the stone.  As if to reassure themselves that their eyes are not playing tricks on them.  One look at the finish work on the marble & terracotta here and you’ll know why.

The amazing antique finishes that Giovanni is able to achieve practically defy belief.  The unique depth of tone and the warmth of the soft contours of Giovanni’s tiles invite you to get comfortable with them.

As if the quality of the stonework wasn’t enough to draw you in, Giovanni has partnered with Sara Baldwin to create a line of products featuring several of the most popular and innovative new designs from New Ravenna Mosaics.

For example, you may have seen the Sophie pattern presented in various iterations in both stone and glass, but have you seen it in beautifully antiqued terracotta and murano glass?  Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?  We thought so too until we were drawn to do the same thing as everyone else at this show… reach out and touch it.

With partners like Giovanni Barbieri, New Ravenna Mosaics and Sara Baldwin Design are excited to keep you in touch with the cutting edge of stone, terracotta, and glass innovation.  For more information on the full selection of Giovanni Barbieri products available from New Ravenna, please follow this link: http://bit.ly/GBarbieri

To see more posts from our experience at Cersaie, please follow this blog.

For the very best glass and stone mosaic and waterjet tiles for your home please stop in to visit your nearest New Ravenna Showroom.  http://www.newravenna.com/showrooms/


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