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Behind the Scenes at Coastal Living’s New Ravenna Photo Shoot


One of the things you’ll often hear Sara Baldwin say in interviews is that hers is not always a glamorous life.  Well, last week she had one glamorous day when Coastal Living sent Stewart Ferebee to photograph Sara and New Ravenna for an upcoming feature.

In addition to some interesting shots taken in and around the New Ravenna Mosiacs factory, Sara was able to take Stewart a few miles away to some of her favorite haunts.

The Savage Neck Dunes Natural Area Preserve is a beautiful sanctuary around the corner from Sara’s house.  The ancient dunes and wind-twisted pines that define the landscape have ensure that it has played an important and sacred role in Eastern Shore societies for centuries.

(A closer look at the beautiful Rumi Medallion that Sara & Gabby are posing with)

Please keep an eye out for the upcoming article in Coastal Living, and if you find yourself on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, stop by Savage Neck Dunes to get a taste of the natural beauty that inspires so many of Sara’s Designs.


You know the photo shoot is over when Gabby runs off with the props.

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