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As Seen In: Designer Pages

Designer Pages is a platform used by designers to help them find and explore products and information. They currently list nearly 8,000 brands and over 265,000 products! As an added feature, they also run a blog called 3rings that focuses mainly on architecture and design. Lucky us…they recently posted about our newest collection from New Ravenna creative director, Cean Irminger! The KIDDO: Wunderkammer collection, a new line of stone tile mosaics that celebrates the wonder of, well, childhood wonder can be seen in all it’s glory here.

All of the mosaics in “KIDDO: Wunderkammer” (the second edition of KIDDO) are hand-fabricated from a host of hypnotic materials, including stone, brass, aluminum, shell, 24k gold, antiqued mirror, and jewel glass. The various designs each reference the surprise and delight of a new aesthetic experience, and, of a piece with the Wunderkammer motif, the compulsion to categorize and memorialize the sensation. See the full collection of dancing seahorses, shining galaxies, flying arrows and more here.

Says Irminger, “The idea of a Wunderkammer has always delighted me; essentially a trove of fantastic curiosities from the natural, scientific and artistic worlds, it’s a collection that by its nature draws one in to look closer, to try and discover the story of each object.”

The mosaics have multiple applications—from floors to walls, backsplashes to decorative tile surrounds. Customized designs are, of course, also available. To find the New Ravenna showroom nearest you, click here.

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