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And the winner is…please vote

Two postings back I requested a name for our 2009 black, gray and shades of white collection. Did I ever mention how commitment-phobic I can be?

Since we’re writing press releases for the collection, it seems that now would be a good time to settle on a name (duh). The two names I like the most via suggestions in the comments section of the blog or from emails and discussions in Kelly’s pub are: Cimbrone, or Samsāra.

Kitchen and Residential Design blog guru Paul Anatar made the first suggestion saying, “How about Cimbrone? The Villa Cimbrone is now a grand hotel in Ravello but it started in the 11th century as a grand home. The Villa and the town it sits in is a one stop shop for the history of western art. Classical, Moorish, Renaissance, Baroque and Modern influences are all over the place and they compliment one another perfectly, just like your new collection.” I checked out the website–and I’m ready to check in tomorrow, Paul. Also, in 1991 I was completely at a loss for what to name our first mosaic borders and ended up naming them after small towns in Italy. One of them was Ravello.

New Ravenna purchaser Karen Fowler suggested Samsāra: “These designs are all perfectly balanced, and have a Yin/Yang sort of feel to them- with their dual natures. I can’t come up with any Buddhist/Eastern philosophy words other than Samsāra (cycle of reincarnation).” I think Samsara could work. It appeals to me because so much of design is simply a reincarnation and reinterpretation of previous work. Honoring the tradition that came before was the reason I chose New Ravenna as the name for our mosaic company so many years ago–Ravenna, Italy is known for it’s amazing Byzantine mosaics, but we wanted to emphasize an American perspective, a new perspective, while revering the best of the old world.

Both of these names appeal to me. What do you guys think?

10 Responses to “And the winner is…please vote”

  1. Paul Anater says:

    Can I vote for my own suggestion? Cimbrone!

  2. modernemama says:

    Voting for Samsara and jonesing for the new designs

  3. mrsben says:

    Not because I am a big fan of Paul(winks), but I vote for Cimbrone! Reason: There could be a confusion re the product name. "I think it is called Samurai or something like that. You know after the Chinese Warriors."

    Just a thought. -Brenda-

  4. Anonymous says:

    I like Karen's name – Samsara


  5. Mary Harris says:

    Hondo votes for Cimbrone. Love the way it rolls off the tongue. I love both the names but Cimbrone is the tops!

  6. Wow, both names are so great. (And Villa Cimbrone? Sublime!) I'm edging out with Samsara and only because of the exotic spelling and the background of its giving honor to traditions and yet creating something new to behold. However, I like the way MrsBen thinks big picture and tries to ensure of no undue misunderstandings. Not making it easy here by thinking out loud, sorry. OK, Samsara, final answer.

  7. We like Cimbrone, because of the reference to both Italy, and the Moorish, Renaissance and Baroque artistic influences of the town.

  8. Dear Sarah, I see TRADITION in your new collection. I shared with JoAnn Locktov, she meant I should let you know. I was following a bit the brainstorming and the first time there is really something about stable, traditional and not always changing like nature in your designs. Success, Susan

  9. Anonymous says:

    Does the name chosen have any effect on the popularity or sales results of the pattern? Hmmm

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