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All about our digital rendering services

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Our sales team and designers understand that visualization is a key part of the design process. Using our expert graphics skills, we provide customized digital renderings using the pattern(s)
and materials of your choice. The pattern can then be repeated and applied to a floor plan or CAD drawing to allow you and your customer to fully conceptualize the project.

We’ll get started with our most common digital rendering service: COLOR MOCKUPS

Hopefully you’re familiar with color renderings/color mockups/”color magic”, as some of us lovingly call it. Our design assistants complete more than 100 of these per week to save you from having to order physical samples of every colorway you’re dreaming up. Typically, color renderings cost $100 each, but this service is free to our Perennial Program members — a handy perk. We can create digital renderings of any New Ravenna design in any variation of colorways within 24 hours of your request.

PRO TIP: Your account executive will most likely recommend it, but make sure you order 2 x 4″ marble/glass chips to accompany your color mockup so that you can see the stone or glass range in person.

In this example, Alcala, a waterjet mosaic design from the Miraflores Collection by Paul Schatz for New Ravenna, is rendered in Celeste and Calacatta Radiance with differing palettes of bold Renaissance Bronze and gray-blue Allure.



Once you’ve chosen a pattern, we can adapt your selection into your floor plan to help you visualize the measurements, scale, pattern, and even the colorway. If you’ve added our made-to-measure service to your project, we will use your floor plan and measurements to create a numbered, easy-to-follow map so that your installation is seamless. Our experienced team can work with any file submitted in DWG or DXF. Lead time will be assigned upon receipt of request.

*By default, CAD renderings are created to scale using a black and white line drawing. Color adaptations are available by request but we’ll just need to extend the lead time by a few days.

All you need to do is call or email your New Ravenna account executive to get a digital rendering project started. Comment below if you have any questions!

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